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Announcing Process Street + Yammer Integration!

Yammerand Process Street

What is Yammer?

Yammer could be described as Facebook for enterprises. It’s an enterprise social network that supports a range of integrated apps to combine the usual company and team group emails into one easily scannable feed.

It has a main ‘public’ feed that could be compared to the office water cooler, as well as invite-only groups for departmental discussions and idea sharing (football banter and posting silly gifs).

Even though some companies have offices in different countries, Yammer breaks these boundaries and promotes collaboration between teams, departments and branches, inviting comments, likes and other familiar social features.

Part of the idea behind the ‘public’ nature of Yammer is accountability. No one can say they didn’t get the email or didn’t hear about the meeting if it was published openly on the company Yammer. The same goes for Process Street checklists, because now activity is pushed directly to the Yammer feed for all to see and interact with.

Yammer now has over 14,000,000 users from more than 300,000 enterprises and is establishing itself as a home for open communication by promoting ‘working out loud‘.

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Attach Files and Images to Checklists

Attach files to checklist

We’re on a mission to make Process Street the simplest, most powerful checklist tool ever made. That means creating new awesome features, and making the ones we have even more awesome!

Today we have a neat little release, which allows you to attach files and images to comments.

This significantly opens up Process Street as a two-way communication channel, allowing you to download a form, complete it and re-attach it, for example. Or attach screenshots of a completed job to a task.

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Activity and Comment Feed Released for Process Street


Activity Feed

You can now monitor the work being done across your team and keep an audit trail on everything that is done with the activity fee.

Not only does the activity feed let you see what is going on with your team, users, templates, checklists, and comments, it gives you another way to navigate through the app as each action is clickable.

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Freemium vs Free Trial – Why we Ditched our Free Plan

Freemium vs Free Trial

A few days ago we silently changed Process Street’s pricing model for all new users from freemium to a 30-day free trial. At the same time, we increased the price on all of our plans except the entry 10 user plan (now Premium 10). Today, we announced to our users that we’re no longer offering the free plan and that everyone who is currently using the free plan will be switched to a 30 day trial of our Premium 10 plan.

During the trial, users have complete, unhindered access to test Process Street. They can create as many templates, team’s and jobs as they want, plus upgrade to any of the plans free of charge. At the end of the 30 days, they must decide if they want to continue using the product as a paid user or not.

All of our paying customers on plans larger than 10 users, will remain on their current plan with no changes unless they choose to upgrade/downgrade, in which case they’ll be moved to the new pricing model.

In this post, I’ll explain why we chose to change from freemium to free trial.

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Managers, Users and Admins – How Roles and Permissions Work with Process Street

You can now control the permissions of users in your Process Street teams.

Watch the below video for details:

Below is an outline of the different roles inside Process Street and what permissions they have.

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Break Up your Process Templates with Task Headers

Task Headers

We have released a new version of Process Street today, with a few small features and a lot of security, speed and data integrity updates.

The biggest difference you will notice is the introduction of Task Headers. These allow you to break up a process into sections using headers. To turn a task into a header, simply add a colon “:” to the end of it.

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Folders and a New Look – Check out Our Latest Update

We just released a new version of Process Street today with some cool changes and a huge user interface overhaul.

We upgraded to Bootstrap 3 giving the app a slick flat look, we added folders and hid away archives. Plus we rearranged a number of the menu items to de-clutter the app. Watch the below video to see the changes we made in detail.

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Manage Organizations and Teams with the New Admin Control Panel

Today we released the second part of teams and organizations – the Organization Control Panel.

This version cleaned up the ‘cog’ dropdown menu by putting all lesser used organization management features into the new panel.

The admin role and the ability to promote and demote admins also came with this release.

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Introducing Teams


A big Process Street update happening today with the release of “Teams”.

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Stay Organized with Tags


You asked for it and we have delivered.

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