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You're about to see how easy it is to make your team's workflows fast, fun, and faultless.   

Let's get started by running our first checklist.  

Checklists are where the real work happens. You and your teammates will check off tasks as they are completed. Each checklist is generated based on a template (like this one!).  

Templates are where you actually build and edit the process that defines each checklist. But don't worry too much about that yet - we'll talk about how that all works in a minute.

Okay, let's run your first checklist (based on this template):

  1. If it's not already open, open the menu on the right side of this screen by clicking "Show Menu" on the the upper right.
  2. Okay, now do you see the green "Run Checklist" button? Excellent - but don't click it quite yet. 

  3. When you click that button, it'll take you to a screen that will ask you to name the checklist. Pick any name (or just leave the default one). Then you'll just click "Run Checklist" again, and you'll be ready to rock! 

⚡️ It's go time! Go ahead and click that green "Run Checklist" button! ▶️

✅ Welcome to your first checklist:

Ready for liftoff?

This checklist will show you all the ways Process Street can help you and your team get control of your workflows and stop sweating the small stuff.  

See that list on the left?  Each of those is a step in this process. You can jump to any step by clicking on it.  

⚡️Go ahead and click on the next task: 'How Process Street Gives Your Team Superpowers'.

You can also hit the "Next" button below. It'll take you to the same place.

‍♀️ How Process Street Gives Your Team Superpowers

You can embed images and GIFs (and a ton of other things) right in your checklists!

Process Street makes it incredibly simple to...

  • Document all your workflows so you'll have a business manual or knowledge base for your team. 

  • Run those workflows and track their progress so you'll always know what needs attention... and what doesn't.  

  • Automate tasks to let you and your talented teammates stay focused on the big picture.  

...which means your team will have:

Teammates check off steps as they go...

...so you'll always know what's done and what still needs doing.

⚡️ You can even add subtasks. Go ahead and check these off:

  • 1
    Read this first subtask.
  • 2
    Think about how efficient Process Street can make your team.
  • 3
    ‼️!Get excited!!!

Now that you've read this and completed the subtasks, you're ready to complete this task.  

There are two ways to complete tasks:

  1. Click the green button below, or
  2. Tick the checkbox next to the task name in the left column

Either way will do the trick, so...

⚡️ Go ahead and complete this task, then click 'Next' to go on to the next one!

Templates and Checklists - a Perfect Marriage

Processes are repeated, so one template will generate multiple checklists.

In Process Street speak, there are templates and there are checklists:

  • A template is the parent version of your process, where you define all the steps and content for a particular workflow. ("Hogwarts New Hire Orientation Process")

  • A checklist is a single instance of that same process, where you actually do and track the work. ("Harold Potter's Orientation Checklist")

This 90-second video explains the concept even better. Check it out:

Video embeds like this are great for screen-capture tutorials, training videos, etc, and you can add them to workflows by just pasting a link.
Here are a few ways companies are using templates and checklists to get more done:

⚡️ Okay, you can check off this task on the left-hand menu (or click the green button below) and then click 'Next' to move on!

Building or Editing Workflows is as Easy as Drag and Drop

It couldn't be easier to build and edit workflows.

Just grab a widget, and drop it in:

Add some attachments!  Like documents to sign, install packages for internal apps, or photos of adorable puppies. Like this one: 

Embed all the things:  Org charts, Google Sheets, or... a fully interactive map of Bora Bora. (Because, Bora Bora!)

Pretty cool, right?

⚡️ Okay, now check off this task and hit next!

Collaboration is Easy with Dashboards and Handoffs

Teamwork is built right in.

Assign tasks to people, groups, or roles.

Assign a person (like Hermione), a group (like The Ministry of Magic Department) or a role (like the Quiddich Team Captain picked in an earlier step, the checklist creator, etc.)

Automate hand-offs.

For steps that need to happen in order, you can automatically alert whomever's assigned next when the prior task is done. Or, for parallel processes, notify everyone assigned any task simultaneously.

Automate timelines & checklist schedules

Want to check in with a new hire a week after their first day? You can have templates that automatically create a due date for a task based on when another task is completed.

You can also schedule entire checklists to run on the first of the month, on an employee's birthday, or on every Tuesday at noon. (We use this one for our taco process, obviously.)

Set up approval flows in a snap.

Need a manager to sign off on a contract, or finance to approve a payment before it's sent? Approvers can sign off (or not) in the app, on mobile, or right from the approval request email.

We're as serious about security as you are.

Workflows can have some steps that only managers can see, or ones where clients only see the parts they need to fill in. And our enterprise-class security includes single sign-on and data encryption both in transit and at rest.

Keep perspective with dashboards.

Keep tabs on checklist progress across your team or the entire org, and quickly identify where tasks or projects may be going off-track.

You can even save views for a particular client, project, or department:

⚡️ Okay, time to complete this task and move on!

‍♂️ Supercharge Processes with Forms & Dynamic Workflows

Forms and conditional logic make the real magic happen.

Form field widgets let you capture information within a task.  

There are form field widgets for...

  • Text - notes from a meeting, bullets for a presentation

  • Email - a client's contact info

  • Dates - when an approval is due by, when to start the next task

  • File Uploads - employee headshots, images for a blog

  • Selection lists - pick a department, select a laptop

  • ‍‍‍ People - who's assigned to a task, who needs to approve a request

You can also pull in context-based information, like the person who created the checklist, or the due date. 

But the real magic comes in the way forms let you customize the workflow:

  • Generate a phone script right in a checklist for your customer support team, based on details entered in-app from the client, sales rep, and training specialist.

  • Send a new hire an auto-populated email with the training info they need based on their position, department, and orientation date. Conditional logic lets you add or remove tasks based on what's entered in earlier steps.

  • Create a monthly all-hands presentation and charts in Google Slides automatically, using reporting data and bullets submitted by each department. 

And it's all unbelievably easy.

⚡️ Let's fill a couple of form fields so you can see just how simple it is.

Data can populate other areas of your checklist - in real time - like this.

Client Summary for {{form.Type_any_first_name_here:_(Text_form)}}

Cake Day: {{form.Put_someone's_birthday_here:_(Date_form)}}
Hobby Listed: {{form.Name_any_activity_or_hobby:_(Text_Form)}}
Current Role: {{form.Which_of_these_jobs_is_most_appealing_to_you?_(Dropdown_form)}}
 Email: {{form.Let's_do_an_email_address:_(Email_form)}}

⏰ Info Updated as of: {{checklist.created_date}}
 Updated by: {{checklist.created_by.name}}

There's even a widget that generates emails right in your client:

Don't worry If the "Send" button doesn't work here. You’ll just need to adjust a simple setting on your device. Here's an example for Gmail.

The hyperlink also may not look like a link in the email, but don't worry -  it'll be clickable for the recipient!

Are you excited? Of course you are. You're about to hire your first {{form.Which_of_these_jobs_is_most_appealing_to_you?_(Dropdown_form)}}!!!

⚡️ Okay, time to complete this task and move on to the next!

Automations & Templates Let Humans Focus on the Big Stuff

Integrate with the apps you already know and love.

There are tons of handy automations you can set up.  Pass data between apps when tasks are checked off. Or, trigger workflows in Process Street when activities occur in other apps. We currently integrate with thousands of apps, with even more in the works. 

  • Trigger a new checklist when a new prospect is added to Salesforce
  • Have a contract generated in your signing app when a deal is signed
  • Add a sale row to bookings in Airtable or Google sheets when a deal closes
  • And tons more...

When you're ready to learn more about automations, check out our Ultimate Guide to Business Automation.

Hit the ground running.

Get inspiration from our library of hundreds of pre-made workflow templates.

Whether you're onboarding new hires, building a publishing calendar, or leasing office space, we've got a template to get you started.

Browse the template library here.

⚡️ Okay, time to complete this task and move on!

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