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Some of our members are unable to attend webinars or coaching calls live so it is important for us to upload recordings to the members website so that they can revisit them later.

What You Will Need

Explain what the team member will need in order to complete this process.

For example:
You will need access to:

  • WPE Content Calendar in Asana
  • WPE account in Amazon S3 (using Forklist, or S3 Hub)
  • Zoom (logins are in the vault)
  • Google Drive > WP Elevation Coaches > Zoom Recordings
  • WPE VUM Blog Images > 00 Original Images in Dropbox

If you do not have access to these resources, please contact Troy Dean or Gin McInneny and request access.

Before You Begin

Before you begin this task, you need to make sure:

  • The coach has update the Website Overview in the Asana Task
  • The Zoom recordings are available in the cloud

Check The Asana Task Is Up To Date

Make sure you have the following details in the Asana task for the call:

  • Title
  • Website Overview
  • Author (person who ran the call)
  • Resource links mentioned on the call (optional)
  • Resource files added by the Coach (optional)
Example of what the task may look like.

Zoom Cloud Recording Is Ready For Download

Zoom auto records the webinars and coaching calls.  After a call has finished, it usually takes about an hour for the recording to appear.

You will be notified through the slack automation channel when it is ready. You can not start this task till then.


The first part of this process is to make sure you have all the assets required for uploading the call to the website.

Downloading from Zoom and Editing

Zoom Recodings

In this step we will take the recordings from the Zoom Webinar and put them into Google Drive.

  1. Sign into Zoom. You will either use the Coaches login or Troy's login.
  2. Click on "My Recordings"
  3. Click on the latest call (by checking the meeting date)
  4. Download both of the files (Video and Audio) to your desktop.

While your files are downloading, you need to create a folder inside the Google Drive.

  1. Go to Google Drive > WP Elevation Coaches > Zoom Recordings > (Coaches Name)
  2. Create a new folder in the coaches folder called "Zoom (Day Month Year)".

Edit The Audio and Video

Note: We now edit the videos and audio to start when the content start, we remove the introductions and welcomes. This is usually about 10 minutes in. Pay close attention to the slides, and you will able to see when the coach first start their presentation.

  1. Click on each of the files and play them in Quicktime
  2. Find the part when the content of the presentation actually starts.
  3. Pause the video right before the coach begins to speak. Make a note of the time. 
  4. From the top toolbar, hit Edit -> Trim at the time you just noted.
The presentation starts here. We will trim out the video before then.
  1. Drag the marker for the beginning of the video over to the correct spot
  2. Click "Trim"
  3. Once it is trimmed, hit File -> Save
  4. Save it directly into the Google Drive folder you just created: Google Drive > WP Elevation Coaches > Zoom Recordings > (Coach's name) > (new folder)
  5. Label the video: "coaching-call-webinar-coach-year-month-day" for example: "coaching-call-webinar-troy-2016-06-08"

IMPORTANT:  Repeat these steps with the audio file. You will need to make sure that both have been successfully uploaded to Google Drive before continuing to the next step.

  • 1
    Created the video file and saved it to Google Drive
  • 2
    Created the audio file and saved it to Google Drive

You now need to wait for them to upload in Google Drive.

Video Settings in Vimeo

We user Vimeo to host all our videos. It usually takes about 1 hour for Vimeo to convert the video.  When the conversion is successful, you will be notified in the Automation channel in Slack.

Log into our Vimeo account using the logins in the vault.

Click the Upload button.

Choose Google Drive from the upload options.

Type in coaching-call-webinar on the videos search box.

Select the correct file for the call you are working on, normally its the first file on the list. But it is worth checking the date on the file names too.

Once you have chosen the correct file, click "Select" button to start the upload.

Once the video has uploaded, click the Edit Settings button.

Scroll down to change the thumbnail of the video and upload the thumbnail that should already be in the DropBox > WPE VUM Blog Images > 04 Video Thumbnails folder.

Under the Embed settings choose Clean Skin. This will remove any Vimeo branding and provide a nice clean video player for our viewers.

Under the Privacy tab, choose the settings as shown in the screenshot below This will mean that the video will show in the members website but will not be able to be played on any other websites.

  • 1
    Make a note of the Vimeo URL, and paste it into the asana task

Uploading Video / Audio to S3

Some of our members prefer to watch our calls off-line on their smart phone or iPad while they are traveling so it is important for us to provide video and audio files they can download.


We use MultiCloud to quick transfer files through the cloud, instead of having to wait for them to upload.

Log in to the MultiCloud Account (login are in the vault):

Then navigate to the folder you just created.

GoogleDrive -> WP Elevation Coaches -> Zoom Recordings -> Coaches Name -> Dated Folder 

Right click on both the mp4 and the m4a file and click "copy"

In MultiCloud go to WPE amazon S3 account.

Navigate to wpe-members > coaching-call-webinars. 

Then paste in the files

Wait for the files to upload. There is a progress bar in the bottom right-hand corner. Wait for them to upload.

Change the Permissions

You now need to change the permissions of the file so they will be accessible to the member.

Using your program of choice (Forklift or S3 Hub), navigate to the files you just uploaded.

Select them both, and right click and Get Info.

When the dialogue box opens, check the Others / Read option. Then click Apply to enclosed items.

Then right click and select Copy URL to Clipboard.

Update Asana

Upload Any Lesson Resources Attached To The Asana Task

In some cases a coach will supply a PDF or a Keynote of a presentation which they want to share with the members. If this is the case you need to download the file from the asana task to your desktop, then upload it to S3, so we can include it on the page.

Because the file size will be small, you can upload the resource file directly to the coaching-call-webinar folder in S3 using either Forklift or S3 Hub.

Be sure to change the permissions and make a note of the URL(s) in Asana.

  • 1
    Copy the urls of both files to your clipboard
  • 2
    Test both files are accessible by pasting them separately into your browser
  • 3
    Paste the Video (mp4) url into the Asana task description called: S3 Download Video
  • 4
    Paste the Video (m4a) url into the Asana task description called: S3 Download Audio
  • 5
    Optional - Upload lesson resources and add URL(s) to Asana

Create Page:

The next few steps will help you create the actual page in the members website, protect it so that it is only available for members and publish it.

You should only begin this task once the Vimeo Video has been converted properly, otherwise members will not be able to access the video.

Create Page in Members Website

Please be aware before you being if you are uploading a coaching call or a webinar. It will be clearly stated in the asana task.

Logins to the website will be in the vault.

Go to either the coaching calls or the webinars page and make a note of what the number of the last call.

In the screenshot below, the last coaching call was 72, so this coaching call will be 73.

Description Of Page Elements

The following describes how you should enter each of the elements.

Below this is a checklist where you can confirm you have completed all the parts.

If you unsure what part of the checklist means, please refer to the explinations below.

Page Title


Add a Page Title in this format: "Number - Asana Title"

Example: "73 - Project Management Basics"

Coaching Calls:

Add a Page Title in this format: "Number - Questions About Asana Title"

General Example: "73 -  Questions About Content Equals Customers"

Module Example: "73 - Questions About Positioning Module"


Add a Page Title in this format: "Number - Country - Questions About Asana Title"

US Example: "71 – US – Questions About Elevating off the Tools"

UK/EU Example: "71 – UK/EU – Questions About Elevating off the Tools"

AU Example: "71 – AU – Questions About Elevating off the Tools"

Page Template

Choose Webinar as the page template even if it is a coaching call. You will notice the layout changes to reflect the information we need to post up.

Page Order

Set the "Order" to be the same as the number in the title plus a zero.

Example: Call 73 = order number is 730

Multi-Coaching Call:

AU Example: 731

UK/EU Example: 732

US Example: 733


Change 'Parent' to be either Coaching Call or Webinar.


Add the description of the call that the coach has provided you in asana (website overview).

Video ID

Add the ID of the video from Vimeo. The ID is just the last series of numbers at the end of the URL. 


Vimeo URL (in asana):

Video ID: 188925223


Choose the correct author of the call depending who hosted the call. This will be the person who the task is assigned to in asana.

Set The Featured Image

Webinar images can be found here:

DropBox > WPE VUM Blog Images > 02 Webinars > (match the date to the filename)

Coaching Call images can be found here:

DropBox > WPE VUM Blog Images > 03 Coaching Calls > (match the date to the filename)


Add any links under Resource Links in asana.

The format for adding a link is to add the text first and then the URL.

Video S3 Links

The URLs for the S3 Download Video are in the asana task. Add them to the Video section.

Audio S3 Links

The URLs for the S3 Download Audio are in the asana task. Add them to the Audio section.

Add Lesson Resources

If there were any lesson resources add them to the Resources section.

Content Protection

Make this content available to members only by placing a tick in the Any Membership Level tick box.

Publish Page

When you are happy with the page, publish it. 

Then immediately check all links.


  • 1
    Pages > And New Page
  • 2
    Added Page Title
  • 3
    Changed Page Template to Webinar
  • 4
    Added Page Order
  • 5
    Changed Parent to either Webinar or Coaching Call
  • 6
    Added Description
  • 7
    Added Vimeo ID
  • 8
    Added Author
  • 9
    Added the Feature Image
  • 10
    Added Links
  • 11
    Added the S3 Video Link
  • 12
    Added the S3 Audio Link
  • 13
    (Optional) Added Lesson Resources
  • 14
    Protect the content (make sure all three options are ticked.
  • 15
    Publish Page

Your web page will now be published.

You now need to check everything on the page.

Check Coach Call / Webinar Page

  • 1
    Check it is in the correct section: Coaching Call or Webinar
  • 2
    Check the Vimeo Video works
  • 3
    Check the Author is correct (look at their bio on the right hand side)
  • 4
    Check all the resource links
  • 5
    Check the audio and video links
  • 6
    Check the lesson downloads

Congratulations, you have uploaded a page.

  • 1
    Get your manager to sign off that the page is correct.

Example of a Page with the Data Entered Correctly

Delete Recording From Zoom:

Delete Recording From Zoom

After you have uploaded the call / webinar to the website. You need to log back into zoom, and delete the recording.

The reason for this is that there is a 1gb limit to the recordings in zoom.


Finish Here

You will know this process is complete when you have a coaching call page on the members website with a video that plays and links that work.

See the screenshot below for example.

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