3 Management Lessons From The Animal Kingdom

Each animal, more or less, manages its each and every step in accordance with the necessity to survive at all cost. Hundreds and thousands of years of evolution have ensured each creature’s ability to make the most of its resources and surroundings, which happened through testing, trial, and error. There’s actually a lot that we, as humans, must learn from the animal kingdom. And while testing on animals might not be the most ethically appropriate way of doing so, noticing the fundamental management techniques each animal has been testing over many years is actually quite helpful. Thus, here are the three key management lessons from the animal kingdom.

1. Agility

If you’ve ever watched any documentaries in animals, you probably know that a leopard is one of the most agile creatures. In order to survive, it has learned to be graceful yet powerful, adjust to various locations and situations, and move quickly on demand. While leopards use agility for hunting, we all can learn this trait and apply it to more peaceful activities in our everyday life. Whether you need to write an essay about animal testing or improve your time-management skills, the skill is useful at any given moment. Agile individuals are able to make the most out of their day and are ultimately more successful.

2. Speed

The first animal to come to one’s mind when talking about speed is surely a cheetah. To survive (and thrive) within the harsh surroundings of African savannas, cheetahs have developed the skill that makes them some of the most remarkable creatures. And that all is not for nothing! While being able to move fast, they focus exclusively on their core strength. Thus, there are two lessons a cheetah alone can teach any of us. First, move quickly. Laying around has never gotten anyone far, and being fast in many instances will help you manage your time better and improve multiple aspects of your day-to-day routine. Second, focus on what you’re best at. Of course, you should explore various areas of activities but doing what you already know you’re good at and improving the skills related to it will do you much more benefit. Can you imagine how much time you could save each day if only you learned speed from a cheetah?

3. Adaptability

If you were to check animal testing essay examples, you’d find out that dogs are actually some of the most easily-adapting animals. Over many thousands of years, they had developed the ability to adapt to essentially any situation to arise. Whether they are in the wild, in an apartment, or in your neighbor’s backyard, dogs are able to survive with or without help from anyone. For us, adaptability is actually critical to succeed in life. As the world around us is constantly changing, we must adapt to all innovations. Otherwise, the individuals more successful at it will come on top while leaving you behind. Being able to adjust to new surroundings, requirements at school, or a changed bus timetable is what will help you to be more time-efficient.

The next time you start wondering what you can change in your routine to be more time-efficient, take a look at the animals around you. Nature has developed their special skills for many centuries, which now makes them very adapted to their surroundings. While animals use speed, agility, and adaptability purely for survival, what stops you from implementing these traits to be more successful? Nothing really does. So, be sure to take these lessons from the animal kingdom seriously, apply what works best for you, and become better at time-management.

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