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Update status in CRM

Change the lead status from "potential" to "customer" in Customer Relationship Management system. If you don't have a CRM, take a look at our list of CRMs we recommend for Small Businesses.

Pre-meeting email, send below items:

Welcome cover letter

Need "Official Welcome" Letter for New Agencies

Welcome package

Welcome to the NEW Video Era for Reputation Control

Show Client Video on What Rapport 24/7 is, and why it is crucial for thier business!

As an agency, you will want to "set up" your new clients for them in this very simple process:

  • Step 1:  Set Up "My Account" Page for Client
  • Step 2:  Set up "Profile Page" for Client
  • Step 3:  Preview and Approve Profile Page
  • Step 4:  Set up "My Business Roster" Page
  • Setp 5:  Set up client "Video Management" Page - This includes:  Visibility Settings, API Venue ID, and Tags/Labels

  • Step 6:  Have a Detailed Review with Client on the use of "Share" and "Video Management" Tabs - this includes:  (API Video ID, Download Button, Share Link, Embed Code, and Social Medai Share
  • Step 7:  Prepare Analytics Overview to show your Client which includes:  Website - 6 month snapshot (pre-Rapport 24/7), Social Media ( 6 Month Snapshot PRE Rapport 24/7), and the POWER OF 57!

Initial meeting agenda

Make sure to go over the POWER OF VIDEO and Reputation Management.  Use This Webpage as a good resource.

The Facts About Video Content

If you are just using text testimonials on your website, you are failing to utilize one of your best marketing tools – satisfied customers – to their full potential. Video testimonials are far more engaging and convincing. They will keep visitors on your site longer and increase the chances that they will make a purchase. Check out the stats below to learn why you can’t say no to video testimonials.

65% of your audience
       are visual learners (WebDAM)Website visitors are 
64% more likely to buy
       a product on an online retail site after watching a video (ComScore)Website visitors who view video stay on a website an average of 
2 minutes longer
     than those who don’t view videos (ComScore)

Make SURE to Set Client Up in the Yext Platform with Rapport 24/7 Prior to Call so their Directory Listings will start to synch.

Send new client questionnaire

You should construct a survey and send it out to your clients on how they value the importance of their reputation, having control of their reputation, and their knowledge on the Power of Video. You can do this via email or using a tool like Wufoo or Survey Monkey.

The questions you ask will depend on your company but below is an example for a marketing agency.

Example Questionnaire for a Marketing Agency:

    What tools and platforms are you currently using in your marketing efforts?What are your goals? Is this leads, customers, or revenue?What is the lifetime value (LTV) of each customer? What is your LTV goal?Do you have customer personas? Who is your ideal client?How much does it cost you to acquire a customer?What ROI have you seen on your current marketing efforts? What are you currently investing in?What percentage of your customers is generated through online methods?What are the steps in your sales process? What are the common hesitations clients have?How do you currently find leads? Do you know what your cost per lead is? Do you know what your lead-to-conversion rate is?

Contract for review and signing

Make Sure To Have Client Sign Off On Your Proposal With Adding Your NEW SERVICE of Rapport 24/7

Attach the contact so they can read and review it before the meeting. This will help them sign the contract quickly when they come to the meeting and will allow them to prepare questions of anything they are unsure of.

Initial Kickoff Meeting:

In This Section, you, as the agency will want to make sure the client has either watched, or does watch the videos on the next page so you can answer any questions regarding them.

Schedule on-line account access training session

Your WANT your client to be familiar with their portal, ensure they have proper access and are trained on how to login and look at the appropriate activity.

You can either go over this in the kickoff meeting or schedule an additional training session online. Contact your Account Manager at Rapport 24/7 for any guideance needed.

Next, go over and have client watch video here on "Why Video Testimonials"
Why Video Testimonials
Go Over and have client watch this video on "Managing and Sharing Videos"

Ask for referrals

Always Ask If They Know A Business Colleague That Cares About Their Online Reputation.

The kick off meeting is a great place to get some new business leads, probably the second best place to the final successful project delivery meeting. Ideally, you should do both. 

Ask if they know anyone else you should talk who is facing similar issues or runs a similar type of business. 

Immediate Post-Meeting:

Agenda finalized with input from client

Add notes to the agenda with the client's feedback and input. Add to CRM. Email to client if appropriate.

Send handwritten thank-you note(s)

This is a great touch that many companies have found success with. 

See these posts if you don't believe me:

Write-up meeting notes for team

This is for internal notes and to-dos for the rest of the team. Include the agenda but put specific action points for team memebers to start working on. Also add this to the CRM as things tend to get lost in email.

Add meeting notes & contract to CRM

Don't forget to add everything to your CRM!

One Week Later:

First touch base call

Recommeneded to hold a call exactly 7 days later to keep the client proactive in the process of rolling it out to their team.

“How’s it going?” call to touch base, and report on the progress of account consolidations.   Make sure they are comfortable with the app, and that their team is proactively using it.

Follow-up email to client regarding information requested at initial meeting

If you have not received the requested information from the client after 1 week, make sure to send a follow up email chasing them down for the information. 

Four Weeks Later:

Send client onboarding survey

Send a follow up survey to see how your client's first month has gone. You can use the same tools but make sure you ask questions related to how their first month was and how you could improve your service to them.

Find out how many video testimonials they have secured and talk about ways to incentive their team to collect even more.  

Review account statements

Go over the client's account; make sure that their project is on schedule and that all money has been collected.

Send first month project update and status

Ask the client via email if it's convenient to send over the project status update. Once you get client approval, send over the details. 

For added security, use a Dropbox link that you can delete afterwards.