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Hidden Venues

Hidden Venues

Pre-plot all Speakeasy venues
Pre-plot all Interior venues
Pre-plot all Rooftop venues



All notable areas go through a series of tasks on the cloud in order to optimize …

  • routing efficiency
  • total map coverage
  • mapper safety
  • content index prioritization
  • content comprehensiveness

Some checklists are required before the map team is deployed.

Research tips

  • Use refined search terms to streamline the research process. If you’re looking for rooftop venues, use the terms top, rooftop, and bar, then the city you’re looking for.
    • Example – "Rooftop bars New Orleans"
  • Avoid using the term venue unless you are specifically looking for performance venues. Live lingo does not always translate well.
  • Make sure you’re using a credible source. The particular sources vary city by city, but a good way to tell legitimacy is if multiple sources are saying the same thing, you can assume they are on point.

Pre-Plotting Tips

  • List the venues on Airtable with at least 5 columns (Name, Address/Neighborhood, Plotted Yes/No, Venue ID, and Notes)
  • Use Symphony to see whether or not we already have the listed venues (if this is for a reverification round).
    • Key tip: use fuzzier search terms so you have a wider selection to look at. Sometimes our venue names don’t match up precisely e.g. Dream Midtown was named Dream Hotel in our system, needed to be changed, but I used the search term Name: In: Dream and Tags: In: Hotels + Places To Stay to find it.
  • If we do not already have the venue, place an unverified pin via the street app. Before adding a pin, double check to make sure we do not already have the venue.

Pre-plot all Speakeasy venues

Venues that are not visible from the street level have an increased likelihood of being missed by our map team.  In order to prevent this from happening, we research these venues and plot them on the map from the cloud.

Pro Tip – Add the "Speakeasy" category tag when plotting these venues in Symphony

Pre-plot all Interior venues

Example – Searched "interior venues NYC"

Result – Found some great venues that we would have otherwise missed on the street.  The following is just one of the helpful articles that populated in the search …

Also used the following searches –

"interior spaces NYC" / "hidden public spaces NYC" / "inside spaces NYC" 

Pro Tip – Select the "Interior" Place Type when plotting these in Symphony

Pre-plot all Rooftop venues

Pro Tip – Add the "Rooftop" Feature Tag when plotting these in Symphony

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