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Copy This Template

The first thing you need to do is copy this template, rename it and then follow the instructions below. You can delete this widget from the copy you create.


Explain why this process exists and why it is important that this process is followed accurately.

For example:
WordPress Wednesday is a free weekly newsletter we send to our list of email subscribers that contains articles from around the web designed to help them with their freelance WordPress consulting business.

We get lots of great feedback and testimonials for this newsletter and it is also a good source of sales for us. Our mission is to produce a newsletter every week that is of such high quality, people would pay for it.

What You Will Need

Explain what the team member will need in order to complete this process.

For example:
You will need access to

  • the #wpweds channel in the Video User Manuals Slack team
  • the WP Wednesday folder in Google Drive
  • Google Drive installed on your machine and synced up (

If you do not have access to these resources, please contact XXX to request access.

Technical Considerations

A lot of our processes are hooked into other parts of our business via Zapier. Use this section to explain the implications of this process, what happens before and after and links to any Zaps that may be at play.

EG: This process is triggered by this Zap here when a task is tagged as "call-complete" in Asana so any changes to this template will need to take this into consideration.


What Are Headings?

Use headings to group tasks together. This is helpful if there are a series of tasks that need to be completed in a particular software application before switching to another application or if there are distinct parts to the process.

To include a heading in your template simply add a colon ":" after a task name.

See the screenshot below for example.

Headings generally should only include a very brief description of the series of tasks.

For example:
This section will walk you through everything you need to do in order to publish an addition of our newsletter.

An example of headings.

Task Name

A task name should describe what the task is in a few words.

For example:
Add Articles

Use the widgets on the right-hand side to add text, images, video, files, form fields, sub-checklists or email templates to a task.

An example of a task with a sub-checklist and some text.

Another Task

Add as many tasks as required in order for the team member to complete the process.

Use screenshots or video to explain any visual instructions.

Droplr is an excellent tool for creating short instruction videos or screenshots


Finish Here

Use this section to tell the team member how they will know when the process is complete.

For example:

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