Before you start:

Make sure you have a BuzzSumo account. You can get a free 14-day trial, and after that it'll cost $99/month.

Once you're inside the app, it's not long before you can get up and running. Just follow this process and it's extremely easy!

Go to the 'Influencers' tab

BuzzSumo lets you search for all influencers in a particular niche with ease. Just go to the Influencers tab to get started.

Search your keyword and filter results

Search your keyword and configure the filters so they match how I've done it below:

You're going to want to check ignore broadcasters because these are likely automated accounts you're not going to be able to engage with.

Create a new outreach list for this group

Select your first influencer and you'll see an option to 'Create a New List' in the save button menu on the bottom bar. 

Name it the same as your search query.

'Select All' and add them to your new list

Clicking one checkbox and then 'Select All' from the bottom bar will highlight all influencers on the first page for your query. Now you can add them to your outreach list.

Repeat for every page up until your target number

Since every page has 50 influencers, you can quickly gather a list of hundreds of relevant people.

On page 2, click a checkbox, go 'select all' and add these people to your list again/ Repeat that for page 3, 4, etc, up until you have enough.

Export your list of influencers

Now go to the Outreach Lists tab, click your list name and go to 'Export'.

You'll be given a .csv file with as much data as BuzzSumo has on these influencers.

Now it's time formulate this information properly to make it more useful.

Import the data to Google Sheets

Open your list in Google Sheets, as show in the .gif below.

Create new columns for company name and email

In the Google Sheet, you're now going to make 2 new columns, one for company name and one for email address.

Fill in the company name column

Using Twitter bios/websites, LinkedIn and Google to research, fill in the company name tab. This will make it easier to find emails for, as well as to add to your CRM for influencer outreach.

Progress to the email finding process

Now you've got the email column left over. Go ahead and run the process linked below to find their email addresses:

How to Find Almost Anyone's Email Address

(NOTE: If you're importing this data into a CRM for a launch or content promotion, make sure to create a column also for 'Notes' or 'tags' and tag all these influencers with an identifier so you're able to drag them all up as a block when you search.)

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