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Efficiency Client Onboarding

Efficiency Client Onboarding

This workflow should run for clients who are signed up for any of our efficiency products: CPR, Asana, Microsoft Suite, Inbox Zero, CRM Quickstart
Provide Client Information
Internal Preparation:
Assign Project Manager
Assign Team
Schedule Internal Kick-Off Meeting
Create Toggl
Set up internal project
Create Unique Zoom Link
Create 1:1 Scheduling Page in Hubspot
Create Internal Slack Channel
Schedule Client Pre-Kickoff Meeting
Update Coda "Courses and Client Access" table
Client Onboarding Meeting:
Client Pre-Kickoff Meeting Agenda and requested info
Pre-Kickoff Meeting Email Follow Up
Post Client Onboarding Meeting:
Set up project in Client's Asana Workspace
Share Team Directory CSV with Leverage Academy
Submit Leverage Academy Request to Build
Review Leverage Academy Setup

Provide Client Information

Once the invoice has been sent and contract has been signed, this checklist is triggered by Sales.

Please provide details of the client. It’s important everyone on the team understand who the key players are and how they fit into the organization.

Client Information

  • 1

    Inbox Zero Quick Start
  • 2

    Microsoft Teams
  • 3

    Microsoft Teams, Inbox Zero and SharePoint
  • 4

  • 5

    Asana Quick Start
  • 6

  • 7

    Process Street
  • 8


Enter Client Information

Internal Preparation:

Assign Project Manager

It’s important that a project manager is one of the first roles that are assigned in order to structure the project. 

Below are the following roles needed to make sure we are delivering optimal results to our client. 

  • Executive Sponsor Definition: Final point of escalation.
  • Project Manager Definition:
    • Primary point of contact for Client Team from Sales handoff through project completion.
    • Accountable for Client communications, creating and executing a project plan, organizing tasks for the various Consultants involved in delivering the work.
    • Reporting to clients.
    • Leading most client-facing meetings with handoffs to Lead Consultant and/or SMEs as appropriate
    • Ensuring agendas exist for all client-facing meetings
    • Leading project kickoff and closeout
    • Ensuring the project is progressing on time and budget
    • Leading internal meetings as needed
    • Create and maintain an organized project board in Asana
    • Create and maintain an organized AirTable Base
    • Provide weekly updates

            Enter the names of team members who will fulfill the following roles:

            Assign Team

            Below are the following roles needed to make sure we are delivering optimal results to our client based on the RACI

            Client Success Manager/ Exec Sponsor:

            • Checking in with key stakeholders
            • Sending out surveys to team leaders

            Lead Consultant: The lead consultant has decision making authority and ultimate accountability for ensuring the value expected by the client (as outlined in the SOW) is delivered to the client. That includes determining who should lead which meetings, trainings and presentations between consultants and SMEs. The lead is accountable for the quality of the content being delivered (including meeting agendas, presentation decks, etc.), and ensuring the client is able to achieve their business objectives from the engagement.

            • Training leadership team members
            • Training each leaders department 
            • Facilitating 1:1 meetings and office hours
            • Creating and updating presentations (working with the designer to make sure they are branded appropriately)
            • Making sure every call is recorded via Zoom or Microsoft Teams… and documenting every call in AirTable

            Consultant: Shares responsibility with PM for Pre-kickoff: Internal Delivery team sync, Client Kickoff Meeting with Stakeholders, Project Management Setup, Schedule Training Sessions, Lead Stakeholder Monthly Meetings 
            Facilitate Channel Announcements (Slack/Teams)
            Is Accountable for Lead Monthly Dept Calls, Office Hours, 1:1 Trainings, Strategy sessions, Monthly Reports, Provide Client Channel Support (Slack/Teams), Onboard Users to Leverage Academy, Grade Leverage Academy Submissions, Certify Leverage Academy Client Users 

                Enter the names of team members who will fulfill the following roles:

                Schedule Internal Kick-Off Meeting

                Please schedule an internal kick-off meeting before the project start date: {{form.Project_Start_Date:}}

                Feel free to complete this if we don’t need an internal kickoff meeting and it was already discussed in the internal efficiency call. 

                Meeting Title: {{form.Client_Company_Name}} Kick-Off Meeting

                Meeting Length: 45 minutes

                Meeting Attendees:

                • Nick Sonnenberg
                • {{form.Exec_Sponsor_(Leverage):_2}}
                • {{form.Lead_Consultant.name}}
                • {{form.Second_Consultant_(SC).name}}
                • {{form.Project_Manager.name}}
                • {{form.SME_1:.name}}
                • {{form.SME_2:.name}}


                • Review Roadmap (if applicable)
                • Review R&R for the engagement 
                • Review any client preferences 
                • Review timetable – any dependencies that can impact start date?
                • Is there anything outstanding actions from the client? i.e. payments, scheduling?
                • Is there anything outstanding on the leverage side? i.e. presentations that need to be built, etc.

                Create Toggl

                For each new consulting client, a new Toggl project needs to be created in the Internal Workspace. 

                Follow the steps in the Loom video below to complete this task:

                >> Loom: Create a New Toggl Project for an Efficiency Consulting Client <<

                Still need help? Follow these step-by-step directions:

                Create the new project in Toggl:

                1. Login to Toggl
                2. Open the Internal Workspace
                3. Navigate to the Projects tab
                4. Click pink ‘+ New Project’ button in top right
                5. Name the project in this format: 
                  1. x – Monthly – {{form.Company Name:}}
                6. Click pink ‘Create Project’ button

                Update the new project to reflect Team Members & Tasks:

                1. With the new project open (x – Monthly – {{form.Company Name:}}), navigate to the Tasks tab
                2. Click the ‘+ Add Task’ button
                3. Name the task for the Month in which the project is starting
                  1. i.e. September
                4. Click the Save button
                5. Navigate to the Team tab
                6. Click the ‘+ Team Member’ button
                7. Add all relevant Team Members (hourly team members) to the project
                  1. {{form.Executive_Assistant:}}

                Set up internal project

                Build a project under the “Delivery Clients – Efficiency” team in Asana.

                STEP 1. 

                Go to Delivery Clients – Efficiency Team and scroll down to TEMPLATES. Select the template titled: [CLIENT NAME] [PRODUCT NAME] – Efficiency Implementation (link to template here).

                STEP 2.

                Refer to SOW to ensure project reflects the engagement 

                1. Upload client’s SOW
                2. Update the Overview tab description
                3. Add Exec Sponsor’s Hubspot Contact Record
                4. Add Shared folder

                5. Any other relevant documents.
                6. Add project due date, according to SOW. 
                7. Ensure you’ve added all the tasks, meetings
                8. Add milestones to each Phase/Section in the project
                STEP 3.

                Invite all internal team members necessary:

                • Nick Sonnenberg
                • VP of Operations
                • Chief of Staff
                • Lead Consultant 
                • Supporting Consultant
                • Define all TM roles
                • 1

                  Created project
                • 2

                  Added project due date
                • 3

                  Add Shared Drive
                • 4

                  Add Statement of Work to project
                • 5

                  Add Stakeholders HubSpot Contact record to Asana
                • 6

                  Add Company Hubspot Record
                • 7

                  Add/update meeting tasks
                • 8

                  Add milestones
                • 9

                  Add all team members and assign roles

                Create 1:1 Scheduling Page in Hubspot

                Step 1.

                Go to Hubspot Sales –> Meetings –> Create New Scheduling Page

                Step 2.

                In the overview section make sure:

                • Meeting Type = “One-on-One”
                • Internal Name = [Client Name] 1-1 Training
                • Event Title = 1-1 Training w/ [Contact: First Name]
                • Zoom should be integrated
                • Description can be customized to the client’s specific training, i.e. The purpose of this meeting is for 1:1 Training with Eddie on best practices for Asana, Inbox Zero, etc.
                Step 3.
                • Scheduling Title = 1:1 Training w/ [Consultant’s Name]
                • Duration Options = 30 min 
                • Select your time zone and availability

                Step 4.

                Under Automation ensure the client is:

                • Receiving a confirmation email
                • Set Pre-meeting reminder for 1 hour and include the invite description in the reminder email body

                Create Internal Slack Channel

                STEP 1.

                Create a channel in Slack and title it “Client – Company Name” 

                For example:

                Meta = Client – Meta

                Savannah Services = Client – Savannah – Services

                STEP 2. 

                Add channel description: Purpose of this channel is to discuss any issues, concerns or updates around [Client Name].

                STEP 3.

                Add Team Members:

                • Lead Consultant 
                • Supporting Consultant
                • Customer Success 
                • Nick Sonnenberg
                • VP of Operations
                • Chief of Staff

                Schedule Client Pre-Kickoff Meeting

                Meeting Title: Leverage Onboarding Meeting

                Meeting Length: 1 Hour

                Meeting Description:
                Discuss engagement between Leverage and {{form.Company_Name:}}:

                • Materials needed before we begin training
                • What to expect from training sessions and how to prepare

                Meeting Attendees:

                *Not every internal team member will need to be part of this meeting. Might vary per client, so check in with the team.

                • Exec Sponsor: {{form.Exec_Sponsor_(Leverage):_2}}
                • Project Manager:
                • Lead Consultant: {{form.Lead_Consultant.name}}
                • Second Consultant 2:
                • Key Stakeholder #1:
                • Key Stakeholder #2:

                Update Coda “Courses and Client Access” table

                Update this table in Coda to reflect the courses the client should have access to

                Client Onboarding Meeting:

                Client Pre-Kickoff Meeting Agenda and requested info

                This meeting is focused on the logistical needs of our engagement.

                Also, place a lot of stress on the fact that we have found greater likelihood of success if we can make the Academy courses, Office Hours, scheduling 1:1’s mandatory.

                Checklist of Items to Go Through with Client:

                • Video introducing Leverage to their team: Stakeholders should introduce Leverage and speak about the “Why” for this engagement to the entire company via email, meeting or 1-2 min video (see template here). If Leverage is scheduling meetings for the entire company, instead of the stakeholder, make sure you have approval to send meeting invites from them. We want to make sure everyone in the company knows who we are and why we are bombarding their emails with tons of meeting invites. 
                • Prep team for many emails: Let the client know they will be receiving many meeting invitations, so this might be overwhelming for their team. It’s important everyone knows who we are and what we are doing before meeting invites are sent. 
                • Team Directory (Excel Format), with the following columns:
                  • First Name
                  • Last Name
                  • Email
                  • Title 
                  • Department 
                  • Adoption Alliance (Y/N)
                • Organizational Chart so we know who is who at [CLIENT NAME] and who is responsible for what
                • Internal Email Account: Ask for an Internal Email Account *(if they prefer we schedule meetings on their behalf)
                • Vacation days. Ask about any extended vacation days. This can cause a problem when we are scheduling. 
                • Align on Communication Channel: Try to use Asana if this is an Asana engagement.
                  IF this is not an Asana engagement and they have Slack or Microsoft Teams and you decide to use either one, the following channels should be created:
                  • Setup 2 private Microsoft Teams or Slack channels

                    • asana-adoption-alliance” – add members of the Adoption Alliance

                    • asana-training” (or similar name) – add all users – Adoption Alliance and additional team members

                  • Please invite the following Leverage team members to both channels:

                    • Executive Sponsor <email>

                    • Lead Efficiency Consultant <email>

                    • PM Name <email>

                  • 1 Channel for Stakeholders (Used to communicate Strategy/Roadblocks)

                • Add the Leverage team to the platforms we will be training in. i.e., Asana to build projects and manage the engagement, MS Office account for Teams functionality for trainings, etc.
                • SSO for the Academy: Leverage Academy is hosted on Workramp. Can you please verify with your IT Department if your organization has any SSO (single sign on) integration requirements for users, as each user is required to individually login to gain access. [maybe best to bring this up on the call instead of via email in case there is confusion as to what this means for them.
                • Spam filters. We will follow up with instructions on how to remove our academy Workramp from Spam filters.
                • Branding Assets (needed ONLY IF they are a 100+ person enterprise client and we are build them an academy. We don’t need  this if we are only creating a segment for them).
                  • Company Logo
                  • Brand Color and Fonts
                • Not on Zoom? Test screen sharing capabilities if we need to give our trainings on anything other than our Zoom.
                • Confirm dates in placeholder calendar invites work/propose dates

                Leverage will (before X Date) –

                1. Let client know that we need to start Scheduling meetings asap

                  1. Provide us with a team email for scheduling access OR admin on their team using PMs Zoom link and facilities scheduling.

                  2. Discuss best approach

                2. Setup, brand (for large clients) and add Adoption Alliance members to Leverage Academy
                3. Prepare a Kickoff Deck for our X Date meeting with the Adoption Alliance

                4. Setup an internal Asana project to manage all details of this engagement

                Please let us know if we missed anything.  We’re looking forward to kicking things off together.

                Pre-Kickoff Meeting Email Follow Up

                Hi {{form.Key_Stakeholder_#1_Name_(Exec_Sponsor)}},

                Nice meeting you today!

                Thank you for taking time to work with me on the logistics of this engagement. 

                Just to recap:

                These are some items we need to set the team up for success:

                1. In Leverage Academy course, we explain to the team why they are doing this, how this will save them time and make them more productive. We also encourage that you communicate with your team on the importance of showing up to our trainings, support from leadership can really make all the difference! [No need to add this in the email if they’ve already done this with their team]

                2. Send a .csv files with the following columns:
                  1. First Name
                  2. Last Name
                  3. Email
                  4. Title 
                  5. Department 
                  6. Adoption Alliance (Yes/No)
                  7. *Please note that the CSV data will be used to add users to our Leverage Academy. If there are any misspellings on the spreadsheet, the user will not have access.

                3. Send us an Organizational Chart so we know how the team is structured at [CLIENT NAME]

                4. Send us your branding guidelines + a logo we can use to brand your Leverage Academy [ONLY IF OVER 100 TEAM MEMBERS AND THEY REQUIRE AN ENTIRE ACADEMY]

                5. Leverage Academy is hosted on Workramp. Can you please verify with your IT Department if your organization has any SSO (single sign on) integration requirements for users, as each user is required to individually login to gain access. [IF NOT COVERED DURING PRE-KICKOFF MEETING]

                • To prevent Leverage or the Academy emails (from workramp.com) from going to Spam, please share the attached PDF with your team. 
                • Once we have added users to Leverage Academy, please note that they will need to register using their work email (not personal).
                • For your IT lead, here are instructions for How to Remove Block/Whitelist for our Academy Workramp
                  • Go to your email server
                  • Locate your Tenant Allow/Block List 
                  • Add workramp.io or workramp.com as safe send domains
                  • It is possible that workramp.io or workramp.com have already been added to your blocked URL list. Search for them in your list and delete them if so.
                  • As an extra safety measure, add a rule to bypass the spam filter by adding workramp.io or workramp.com as safe send domains
                • [Confirm meeting dates/times that were confirmed in the meeting. Share the meeting title, description and zoom link for those calls). 

                Please let us know if we missed anything or if you have any other questions. 

                The Leverage team is looking forward to kicking things off together 🙂

                Use the below attachment if the client has GMAIL and they aren’t receiving invitations:

                Attach the PDF below to your email on how to add Leverage and Workramp email addresses to your contacts to prevent them from going to Spam.

                • 1

                  Client highlighted team members for an Adoption Alliance in Team Directory (if there is an Adoption Alliance)
                • 2

                  Client submitted branding assets
                • 3

                  Client shared Team Directory List
                • 4

                  Client shared Organizational Chart
                • 5

                  Received Vacation Schedule and shared with Project Manager
                • 6

                  All necessary channels created in Slack or Microsoft Teams (*if either are currently used)

                Post Client Onboarding Meeting:

                Set up project in Client’s Asana Workspace

                If the client is going through Asana training, set this up WITH the stakeholder in a meeting. Remember, they haven’t gone through training yet, so for them doing this alone can be daunting. 

                STEP 1:

                Ask the client to Set up a Team titled [Client’s Company Name| Leverage]

                STEP 2:

                Import the Leverage Academy Supplement Project (Link Here) into their workspace. The purpose of this project is for the client to have an additional resource in Asana and view how a project can be setup in Asana.

                *This project is not meant to be duplicated and owned by team members in Asana. It’s just a reference. 

                STEP 3:

                Import the Adoption Alliance & Support Project into the clients workspace (Link Here).

                STEP 4:

                Invite all team members to the team and to the project. 

                STEP 5: 

                Send the below welcome message in the project:

                “Hi Everyone, you’ve been invited to this project so that you can communicate and engage with us more effectively. In this project you’ll find everything you need in the “Overview” section as far as resources go. You can also track all of the meetings and recordings of those meetings in the “List” view. If you are part of the Adoption Alliance, you’ll be assigned tasks to complete throughout the engagement. 

                Feel free to share wins or give team shoutouts in the message board of this project!”

                • 1

                  Client created a Leverage team in their workspace
                • 2

                  Project was imported and setup
                • 3

                  Team members were added to the Team and Project
                • 4

                  Message was posted in project board

                Share Team Directory CSV with Leverage Academy

                Once you receive the team directory CSV, share it with the Leverage Academy team to ensure all team members are added successfully to the academy or the segment. 

                Submit Leverage Academy Request to Build



                Please fill out the form linked below at least 3 weeks prior to client kickoff dates so that the Academy Team can get the new academy built, reviewed, and ready to go with enough time to spare before kickoff.

                BEFORE filling out this form ask the client for the following:

                • Font
                • Brand colors
                • Company logo (highest resolution possible)

                >> Fill Out The Academy Request Form HERE <<

                Review Leverage Academy Setup

                Please go through the academy and do QA for anything that may have been missed during setup. As a reminder, enterprise clients with more than 100 users will have their own academy and those less than 100 will have a segment within the Leverage Academy.

                1. Login to workramp.com. Login info for the test learner is listed below.
                2. Go to the Academy for {{form.Client_Company_Name}}
                3. For any additional updates that should be made, please respond in the comments on this task and @mention appropriately.

                Leverage Learner Login:

                Take control of your workflows today.