Intro to Agricultural Buildings:

Electrical Inspection Checklist: Agricultural Buildings

This Electrical Inspection Checklist: Agricultural Buildings is engineered to provide an NEC compliant process to guide you in your safety inspections.

Agricultural buildings can be subject to degrees of stress due to a large presence of livestock and their design often leaves them open and exposed to the elements.

This process is editable and you can restructure elements to suit your specific need. Each task listed contains the relevant NEC section reference which applies to the action. It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the standards before beginning any inspection

Throughout the checklist, form fields have been included for you to record relevant information. This data is stored in the template overview which you can view on the left-hand tab for the template. You can export this data for review to provide an overview into your inspections. 

If you utilize the form fields well, you can select to print your checklist which will give you the option to save it as a PDF. This can, therefore, act as a report generator which you can save and then send to the relevant stakeholders once your inspection is completed.

You can watch this video below for an insight into the career of an agricultural electrical inspector. 

Agricultural Inspection Career Overview - citytowninfo

Record inspection details

Use this section to record the key details of the inspection.

Enter your information into the form fields provided. 

Run general inspection safety checklist

An electrical inspection is normally needed to ensure the safety of others. However, it is important to make sure that your own safety is not put at risk in performing the inspection. 

You can find here our checklist for making sure you are safe before performing your inspection

Electrical Inspection Checklist

The first half of this checklist is designed to help you assess the area and risk in order to do your job safely and well. 

We recommend you run this checklist before starting any inspection.

Determine the applicability of Article 547

NEC: 547.1

Article 541 defines what comes under the category of agricultural and in doing so determines what safety inspection guidelines to follow.

Make sure that your location fits within the standards given by article 547.

Record any notes in the form field below.

Check wiring methods for suitability for the occupancy

NEC: 547.5

You should check that the wires are not only suitable for the location, but are also in good condition and are not exposed. 

Verify that underground grounding conductors are covered

NEC: 547.5(F)

Make sure that the grounding conductors stored underground are covered or insulated.

Check switches, circuit breakers, and controllers

NEC: 547.5(C), 547.6 

Check all switches, controllers, and circuit breakers for enclosures suitable for the conditions.

Make sure luminaires are installed

NEC: 547.8 

Luminaires are useful for minimizing the impact dust and water can cause. Make sure they have been installed. 

Also, check that any fixtures which are exposed to damage have been suitably supplied with guards. 

Learn the basics of a lighting Luminaire - PhilipsLighting

Check the arrangement of service equipment is compliant

NEC: 547.9 

Make sure the arrangement of all:

  • service equipment,
  • distribution equipment,
  • overcurrent protection,
  • and grounding

...complies with requirements.

Make sure an equipotential plane has been installed

NEC: 547.10 

Equipotential planes should be installed within the concrete floors of livestock enclosures. The plane should be bonded to electrodes and conductive elements.

For more about equipotential planes, check out this PDF linked

Leave any notes in the form field below.

Verify that GFCI protection has been provided

NEC: 547.5(G) 

It is important to make sure your ground fault circuiter interrupters are present where they are required. 

Use the form field below to leave any notes. 

Write down overall notes regarding inspection

If you have any other thoughts or comments which you would like to include in your report, leave them in the form field provided. 

Send report via email to key stakeholders

You can use the email widget to send a copy of your report to the key stakeholders. 

The information from your first task is being pulled into the body of the email through the use of variables. You can find more about variables on our help site


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