Contact the Candidate

You have identified the candidate whose skills meet the job requirements after conferring with others involved in the hiring process.

Contact the selected candidate to indicate the company’s interest in moving forward in the interview process.  

Schedule a time for the candidate to come in and make sure to mark the date and time on the Company's Google Calendar. 

  • 1
  • 2
    Work Visa
  • 3
    Pre-Authorization Agreement
  • 4
    Social Security Card
  • 5
  • 6
    Military ID

Contact References

Obtain/verify two to three business references with contact information. You will find them in the application below.

Contact the references provided to determine if the information regarding previous employment is accurate.

Try to obtain information about the overall performance, final salary, and reason for termination. Do the best you can to engage the former employer in dialog about this person, but don’t be discouraged if you still obtain only limited information.

Reference checks tips

Offer Job to Candidate

Contact selected candidate to make a verbal offer of employment.

If requested by the candidate, allow time to review the offer and a date to respond back verbally. 

Make sure you cover the following points in the offer conversation:

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4

NOTE: If the candidate turns down your offer or is considering other opportunities, talk to HR / your manager. Also consider the below points.{{current_date.full}}

Prepare Offer Letter

Prepare offer letter and send to candidate. An initial copy can be e-mailed for the purpose of receiving a signature as soon as possible. A hard copy should be sent by certified mail and can then be obtained from the candidate when they arrive on their scheduled first day. 

(See samples of offer letters provided.)

*Don't forget to inlcude Agreement Forms.

After letter is signed and accepted, contact other candidates (via e-mail or letter) to thank them for their time and to let them know another candidate has been selected for the position. Put a reminder in Google Calendar to send e-mails to other interviewees if you decide to do it later. 

Request Information

Request information such as:

  • Date of birth
  • Social security number
  • Completed form for pre-employment drug testing

Check task for approval


Contact SSA

Contact SSA (Social Security Administration) to verify social security number.

See link for SSA.1

Put a reminder for yourself in Google Calendar to make sure you do this.

Create Employee File

Create employment file with all the required paperwork. 

Data from Typeform will be sent here including resume.

Prepare for Employee's First Day

Identify equipment, keys, passwords, etc. that will be required for use by the employee. Save to Google Doc with passwords:

Arrange to have all of these available and functional upon employee’s arrival on his/her first day of employment. Ensure that workspace is clean, functional and has a welcoming appearance.

Schedule Orientation for Employee

Prepare an orientation schedule for the employee. This should begin with a list of people the employee is scheduled to meet with as well as the time and location of the meeting.

Include a list of all of the employees in the company that they will need to interact with, their titles, and contact information. If possible, you should plan to escort the employee to the first meeting with each person on the orientation schedule to make a formal introduction. Put a reminder in Outlook to call each person you want to include as part of the Orientation. 

Confirm a time they will be available.

Put a reminder in Google Calendar to call each person you want to include as part of the Orientation. Confirm a time they will be available.

Confirm Orientation and Deliver Schedule

Confirm orientation times with everyone on the list.

Prepare and deliver a copy of the schedule to all who are participating in the orientation. This should be done the day before to minimize last minute schedule changes. Put a reminder in Google Calendar!

Check task for approval : HR HEAD

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