Introduction to Individual Review Feedback Analysis

Customer feedback is “input relayed from your customers about their experience and satisfaction levels regarding your product or service” - Intercom 

It’s important to analyze all customer feedback because, whilst some may give fairly standard or unremarkable details, some pieces of feedback may contain information that could be a major breakthrough for your business.

Individual feedback analysis provides a company with a view of what it needs to change to increase customer loyalty and reduce the number of customer support cases. To really get to grips with online feedback frameworks, check this article out or try this one. 

This Process Street feedback analysis template will allow you to analyze each piece of feedback you receive from your customers and determine the best course of action for dealing with it. 

Before you start, you will need to set a few things up.

Individual review feedback analysis set-up

Once you start collecting and analyzing your feedback, you will find that all customer comments - good or bad -  will fall into general categories.

Categories could include factors such as the speed of your service, accuracy, courtesy, price, product choice, availability, hours, location, etc..

Sorting feedback into categories will give you an instant snapshot of how your customers view your business and services.

You can use a dedicated database to collect and store the feedback you receive from your customers, or you could simply use a Google sheet. 

If you plan to use a Google sheet to store all your feedback, it would be worth following these guidelines to ensure you capture and store the right information:

1. Set up your Google sheet with the following columns:

 - Customer's name
 - Feedback website
 - Date of feedback
 - Feedback
 - Feedback category

2. Set up a Zapier integration between the review sites you collect feedback from, and your Google sheet. Find out how to do this here. This will automatically update your Google sheet with the feedback that has been left, so it is all collected and stored in one central place. 

3. Once your google sheet has been updated with the feedback, you will need to review the feedback you have received. You could add an embed widget into this checklist and copy and paste your google sheet link into it. This will pull through the google sheet you have created and you will be able to see all the feedback you have received.

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Complete checklist details

Complete the below fields to identify who is completing this process and who should review and approve subsequent actions.    

Complete feedback details

Complete the following fields to provide details about the feedback you've received. 

Select the type of customer

The type of customer and the relationship they have with your business influences how much weight you should give their feedback. For instance, customers who have been loyal the longest, have a wealth of experience with your product that makes their opinions valuable.

From the dropdown field, select the type of customer that has left the review. 

Establish if the feedback was unprompted

Unprompted feedback deserves special attention. Unprompted feedback usually identifies the issues that weren't on your radar but that need urgent action. 

Determine what the customers motivations are

People are generally motivated to provide unprompted feedback if they have had an extreme experience.

For example, customers won't bother writing a review about an average dinner because what’s the point? It’s not an interesting story and it would add nothing. 

Customers will usually only leave a review if they are really happy or really unhappy about you or your product/service.

Assess how common the feedback is

The overall volume of feedback about a single issue relative to other issues matters.

If you are receiving a lot of reviews/feedback about an improvement to a product, for example, you should probably follow it up pretty sharpish.

If you have never, or rarely, seen a piece of feedback like this, it's probably not a priority to action. 

Check the data you have on other reviews to establish if this is a common piece of feedback. 

Assess how serious this feedback is

Establish how serious this piece of feedback is. 

Select the feedback category

Select which category this piece of feedback should sit within. 

Establish what action should be taken

Review the feedback received and establish what action should be taken to address it.

Once you have completed this task, this will be sent for approval.

This was the feedback we received {{form.Copy_and_paste_the_feedback_here:}}

This feedback sits within this category: {{form.Which_category_does_this_feedback_sit_within?}}

The customer is a {{form.What_type_of_customer_are_you_dealing_with?}}

The feedback was {{form.Was_the_feedback_prompted_or_unprompted?}}

We receive this type of feedback {{form.How_often_do_you_receive_this_type_of_feedback?}}

This type of feedback shoudl be taken {{form.How_seriously_should_this_feedback_be_taken?}}


Will be submitted for approval:
  • Establish what action should be taken
    Will be submitted

Confirm if the specified action was carried out

Confirm what action has been taken in the fields below. 

The proposed action was: {{form.What_action_should_be_taken_to_address_the_feedback?}}

Confirm why the action was not completed

Confirm in the field below why no action was taken. 

Confirm if any further action is required

Confirm in the field below what further action, if any, is needed. 


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