How long do golf irons last?

As you know, the standard golf set is formed of 14 clubs where the number of irons, which are made of iron or steel, varies from 7 to 11. Since this gear is used in a large number of situations, from tee, fairway or rough or even in extracting a ball from different hazards, here a simple question arises, “How long do golf irons last?”

In the old days, when both golf club and ball were made of wood, players often had to make an expensive replacement regularly. Later, when modern balls and cheaper steel clubs appeared, the question of frequent replacement became less common. But this does not mean that the clubs do not need to be changed and that worn out ones will not affect your performance in the game. Today we will try to answer the most popular questions like “Will new irons improve my game?” or “How long should your golf clubs be?”

How often should you buy new golf clubs?

A lot of pros during the PGA Tour change their golf irons and buy the new ones at the end of every season. But that’s because they play often. Such players determine the state of their equipment in terms of how the ball works. For example, after a common shot, it hits the green and rolls for about 2 feet or 10 feet. When something goes wrong, and the ball falls out of this framework - the time has come to change the club. But this scheme looks simple only for professional golfers who play regularly.

With the newcomers, the same action plan most likely will not work, because they do not know how long their ball should roll after a good shot. It may vary from 10 feet to 50 feet. Another method of checking your irons is an examination of the grooves’ wear. It is known that if the grooves are worn, they give less spin. In addition, some of the shots can go off the line and other using the same club can fly high but fall much faster than expected distance. So do golf irons wear out and are new golf clubs worth it? Yes, like any other sports equipment. And do new golf irons make a difference? Sure, if you care about the quality of your game.

How to keep your clubs in good condition?

First of all, like in any other type of sports, you should take care of your equipment. So keep your clubs clean and don’t let any dirt or grass ruin your game. Always pay attention to how the balls behave after shots. If something goes wrong after your common shots, it could be a sign to change your equipment. Also, get the loft checked at least once a year because a lot of practice can bend your irons.

It is clear that professionals do not need to check their equipment so often because as soon as they notice any deviation in their performance, they can replace their golf iron set with a new one. For beginners, it is better to pay more attention, since they have fewer games and practice and their wear will not be so obvious. If your irons are worn out and do not bring the desired result, or you just want to plunge into the world of golf and do not know where to start, you can easily check websites with lots of useful information that will help you to find the best irons for beginners. Try not to spill your rage on your favorite iron, don't hit the ground with it or throw it into an oak. Modern clubs can withstand a lot of damage, but this doesn’t mean you have to prove this fact yourself.

Nowadays, the reason for changing your clubs appears not because of damage, but because new improved and updated versions are created daily. Just remember the simple truth: if you take care of your irons and repair them timely, they can serve you for a lifetime.

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