Social Media

For the Brand Ambassador program, social media activities are absolutely indispensable. In this guide you'll find some basic information about promoting on social media.

During your time with Idyoma, there will be a lot of different social media activities that you'll have to carry out. Here is a small list with the main activities:

  • Social media posts
  • Shares/re-posts
  • Likes
  • Friend invites
  • Inviting suitable friends to also join the idyoma Brand Ambassador program

Though these are the main activities, don't let it stop your creativity from exploring other areas in terms of promoting idyoma. We're always open for new ideas and suggestions in order enrich our marketing strategies. If you come up with an idea that doesn't yet have a point allocation, don't hesitate to contact me [email protected] and I'll make sure that you'll be properly rewarded for your recommendation.


Our Ethos

Social media connects people and allows them to discover new exciting content from around the world. Social media is a powerful tool because it acts as an extended friend group. When you're with your friends and you want to tell them about a new album you like, you don't create a powerpoint and sell the album to them - you recommend the album as a friend because you think it's great and they should give it a try.

With idyoma we want you to take the same approach. You don't need to sell idyoma when you can recommend idyoma. Sales and advertising turn people off. I type this with Adblocker active in my browser - people try to avoid adverts where they can. 

Treat idyoma like any other cool product or service you may have discovered in the past and recommend it on social media. We don't spam. Instead, we look to create value for others. People appreciate tips much more than the appreciate a sales pitch!

Post on Facebook


Let's start with the most extensively used social media platform there is. Facebook will play a key role in your journey as a Brand Ambassador. Though you're probably already familiar with the vast majority of its features, using the platform as a means to promote your content might be something new. If this is the case, this guide will definitely help you. Even if you already have loads of experience in terms of promotion on social media, it might come in handy to refresh your memory.

Posting to Facebook groups might be something that you want to consider. Targeting the right ones can be very beneficial and will definitely get you a lot of likes!

Post in Language Related Groups

Though it's already briefly mentioned in the previous chapter, targeting groups will extensively increase the number of likes. Start by searching for language groups near you and introduce idyoma to as many as possible. Don't limit yourself to groups that you already part of, but scour the platform to target as many language related groups possible. 

Post in University Groups

You can start with the groups that you are already part of and post your content there. But it might also be beneficial to seek a bit further in order to enhance the overall effectiveness. A considerable amount of students are interested in learning or improving a foreign language, so seize that opportunity and post in existing university Facebook groups.

Post on Twitter


Twitter is the second biggest social media platform and is definitely worth using as well. Some of the many benefits that Twitter provides for the company and therefore for you as a Brand Ambassador are:

  • Building awareness
  • Creating positive awareness for the company
  • Building a community 
  • Providing support

Of the many guides online, I consider this one among the most informative

Post on Instagram

Uploading photos of you language exchange event to Instagram is a highly effective way to entice other people to do the same. This guide will definitely be worth a read if you're not yet as skilled with Instagram as you want to be. It covers the very basics and also some pro-tips to really boost your content

Re-post to Maximise Efficiency

Different approaches and strategies have already been discussed to make the most out of your social media post. Wouldn't it be great to double the outcome in terms of views and/or likes without barely any effort? This social media scheduling guide is definitely worth reading. By following a few easy steps your quality social media post can be used numerous times and will greatly boost your efficiency.

Accumulate Likes

The quality of your post isn't only important for us, but will also help you accumulate likes. Here is an article with some tips that will guide you to the process of writing an appealing social media post. 

Inviting new Brand Ambassadors

There are various ways to entice new Brand Ambassadors. Here are the ones that we recommend you to do:

  • Ask your friends you think would suit the job
  • Post to social media groups
  • Search on Linked-In

However, if you have any other ideas, feel free to implement them! Allow your creativity free reign and become a social media legend!

Recommend on Forums

There are a range of websites where people have created their own digital communities. If someone is asking about useful language learning tools or meet-up apps on these platforms then you can take the opportunity to let them know a bit about idyoma.

Be careful not to spam people or communities online as this can create a negative brand image. You wouldn't walk into a language learning community on Reddit, for example, and post like a marketer. You should be part of these communities and add value to them like any other member might. We're not here to sell idyoma, but to recommend it - like one friend to another.  

The Sky's the Limit

We have provided you with a lot of different option in terms of places where you can post your content to maximise both effectiveness and efficiency. However, this doesn't mean that you have to stick to this checklist. We strongly encourage you to use other platforms or promote your content in a different way. Don't hesitate to contact me [email protected] with any ideas that you might have and we'll make sure that you'll be properly rewarded :). 

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