How To Choose Quotes For An Essay?

In their simplest form, quotes are a transcription of what a person wrote or said. They go down in history as one of the most powerful and attractive ways of increasing legitimacy of speeches, research papers and of course, essays. Adding the right quote to back up your argument fetches your reader’s trust and interest in what you have to say.

However, it is important to select quotes that are highly relevant for your essay to attract the mind of the readers. But how to pick and choose quotes that will work best towards increasing your point’s credibility? Here’s a helpful guide on how to include them in an essay with quote examples for better understanding.

How to add quote in essay?

  • Looking for great quotes

The first and obvious step would be to look for special text that goes perfectly with your topic. Relying on the images section of search engines such as Google and Bing is not at all advisable. There’s a good chance you will come across tones of fake texts in such online spaces. Instead, head over to credible websites like Goodreads that has huge repositories of original texts which can be sorted by name or topic.

Brainyquote is another reliable source to search for your assignment. Once you find an essay quotation that can strengthen your argument, make sure you do some background research about the person who said or wrote the quote and ensures they’re not known for malicious activities. Academic writing quotes should be from recognized subject matter experts, which will provide powerful backing to your points in an academic essay. Also, make sure the quote you choose hasn’t been taken out of context to mean something different from what the author/writer meant.

The University of Toronto in Canada strongly suggests including powerful points from your essay citations, a recognized journal or research paper as quotes in your text.

  • Using quotes in an essay correctly

Effective placement of important text in your writing can be trickier than it sounds. They are catchy and make for a great essay opening, which is why it is suggested to place them in the introduction to garner the reader’s interest. They can also be used to support the points you make in the essay. For instance, if you’re backing up the effects of evolutionary biology in modern times, it would be wise to quote Charles Darwin right alongside it to strengthen your argument.

Quotes are also used to gather the content piece together in the end, for summarization purposes and providing clarity to readers. Hence, one needs to understand the features of studying an essay, if they want to score good grades in academics.

  • Major don’ts of using quotes in an essay

While quotes can legitimize your arguments and give the texts an edge overusing them can set the reader off as well. Step into your reader’s shoes and judge if the amount of special texts is affecting your writing adversely.

Besides this, quote punctuation should be preserved while placement. If including add-on punctuation seems important for correct grammar, use square brackets for them. Add-on punctuations are always included inside the inverted commas, particularly in Canadian Essays. There are some technicalities that professional writers and assignment writing services in Canada take into consideration while choosing texts for an essay. Some of them include –

  • If you choose to integrate a verse in your essay, it is advisable to indicate line breaks with a slash. For example: “A heap of broken images, where the sun beats, / And the dead tree gives no shelter, the cricket no relief”
  • Introducing quotation with verbs like “argues”, “demonstrates”, “points out” or “maintains” according to your argument’s nuance is considered a good practice.
  • Ensure you point to the source of article sufficiently and make sure it is placed right after the quotation, where your reader can take notice it right away.
How Canadian students can write a quote in an essay?

Mentioning a quote in an essay is not an easy task at all. Writing a university essay on a particular subject requires full understanding and dedication towards the subject and the same rules goes for academic writing quotes for all the Canadian students.

To make use of any similar texts in your writing students need to understand the subject of that particular essay. For example while writing an academic content or thesis use of academic quotes are demanded, similarly while writing an article or assignment on any religion use of motivational quotes or religion quotes are perfect.

Students who majorly face an issue while writing an essay, they can even reach out to many professional writing service companies in Canada. They can even order essay online no matter whether they are living in Canada or Toronto. For Canadian students to write a university assignment, it is necessary that they have complete knowledge of the subject on which they have decided to work on.  

The special texts you choose to include in your text directly reflect your understanding of the subject on which the texts is based on. Follow this short guide to leave your readers impressed and curious to know more with your essay or head over to renowned writing services to help you out with it.

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