It's common for tenants to pay rent late from time to time. However, if not followed up properly by the property manager, it can become a frequent occurrence and in the worst-case scenario, result in the tenant's eviction. 

By running this simple checklist, you will ensure that each late rent payment is handled appropriately, hopefully avoid eviction, and maintain data integrity within your Buildium database. 

Enter basic details

Notifying the owner and tenant:

Notify property owner of late rent

Send an email to the property owner notifying them that you are awaiting late rent payment from the tenant. 

You can use the email template below or contact the owner through Buildium.

Send past due rent email notice through Buildium

Send the tenant a 5-day notice either through email, letter or both.

The most effective way to do this is to create an email template in Buildium (see screenshot below) that can be sent in the "Outstanding lease balances" page found under "RENTALS"

Determine next step

Proceed with eviction

Seeing as the late rent has not been paid following the tenant's receipt of the 5-day notice, proceed to eviction.


Notify tenant of the decision to evict

Send the tenant an email notifying them that due to their violation of the lease agreement by failure to pay rent, they will be evicted from the property. 

Once again, Buildium offers an easy way to communicate with tenants and property owners with their email template feature, there is even a "Notice that Eviction will be Filed in Court" email template provided in the free trial. 

Create a formal eviction notice

it's time to create and issue an eviction notice that marks the beginning of legal proceedings. 

A great source for eviction notice templates is RocketLawyer if you haven't had to go through this gloomy process before. 

Make at least 4 copies

Print 4 copies of the eviction notice so you can:

  • 1
    Post one to the property
  • 2
    Mail one using certified mail
  • 3
    Keep one for your records
  • 4
    Have one for court proceedings (if necessary)

Schedule lockout with constable and locksmith

Contact your vendor that handles lockouts and schedule a time for them to perform their duties at the property. 

Begin process for a vacant property via eviction

Of course, you want the property to be vacant for as little time as possible, as an empty property is lost money. 

So as early as you can, begin the process for re-listing and marketing the property so that you can begin screening potential new tenants as soon as possible.

Confirm tenant and property details are updated in Buildium

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