Open the document "Strawberry Tours Ranking Report ALL CITIES - MONTH YEAR"

Using this document, you will find a tab for each of the cities ST operates in, with alll the information from the previous months and how we ranked on different websites.

Open TripAdvisor Owner's Page

  • 1
    Check each city individually to get their score
  • 2
    Add the number of reviews each city got, and the average score as well
  • 3
    Add any relevant information depending on the city

Open TripAdvisor Pages for each city (as a regular customer)

You will have to access TripAdvisor regularly (not as an owner of the business) and check each of the cities "Strawberry Tours" page.

  • 1
    Open each of our cities Strawberry Tours pages in TripAdvisor
  • 2
    Click on all the different categories each of the cities has (i.e. Tours, Sightseeing Tours, Food Tours, Cultural Tours, Walking Tours, etc.)
  • 3
    Check how we rank on each of these categories and write it down on the chart for the corresponding city - If we improved, color it green. If we went down, color it red.

Open Google Business Pages

Open  and then open every city in a different tab

  • 1
    Check city bi city the reviews for the month
  • 2
    Since Google Reviews don't have a date, but are rather listed as "4 weeks ago", "3 weeks ago", etc. Make sure to answer to the last review by writing the date in which you took down the report, so next time you do it, you know that's the last review you considered for this report
  • 3
    Sum up the "stars" we received and divide it by the number of reviews to get the average for the city for the month and add it to the report

Open PeekPro (when applicable)

When a city hasn't been approved yet, we receive Internal reviews only, via PeekPro. Following the same procedure as in Google Business, sum up the total "stars" received for the month and divide it by the number of reviews received to get the Average Score of the city for the month.

Open Freetour Backpage

Check the "Reviews" button and count the reviews received for the month to get the average for the pertinent city.

Create CITY Monthly Guide Report

Insert information from Guide Report

Following information should be filled out using the Monthly Guide Report:

  • 1
    Total Clicks
  • 2
    Avg Guide Clicks
  • 3
    Avg Rating

Send report to Strawberrytours channel in slack

Alex, Charles and Antonio should receive the Monthly Guide Average Report

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