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New Sales Rep Getting Started Checklist
New Sales Rep Getting Started Checklist
Complete This Section First
Read welcome aboard message
Complete and submit Direct Seller's Agreement
Complete and return W9 form
Complete reputation marketing training
Review commissions and compensation plan
Review our company sales process
Review how our company pays its sales consultants
Review how the sales orders you make will be processed
Sign up for Zoom.us basic free plan
Sign up for free Skype plan
Set up appointment times to meet with sales manager for next 14 days
DAY 2:
Set up appointment calendar
Review all tutorial videos for CRM platform
Log into CRM platform for the first time
Review all tutorial videos and instructions for using phone dialer
Set up your Google Calendar inside CRM platform (SKIP THIS SECTION)
Review activity tracker
Complete training to sell Review Video Commercials
DAY 3:
Complete your first day of calling
Talk to your first decision maker
Make your FIRST sale
Refer at least one sales consultant to help boost your residuals
Complete a full week within the activity tracker sheet
Check this off when you have completed this entire checklist

Complete This Section First


Day one involves you checking off a few items to get you started and on your way to selling for our company. The items within this checklist have been set up in order of important so please try to stick to the order given as much as possible.

Read welcome aboard message


We want to take this time to welcome you to the company. It is our desire to make you and every one of our independent sales reps as successful as possible. By accepting this sales position you have demonstrated your desire to NOT have your income capped and to earn as much as you like, dependent upon your own motivation and hard work. This sales opportunity will give you the chance to determine your own paycheck.

Congratulations and Good Luck!

Complete and submit Direct Seller’s Agreement


Before you can get paid for the sales you make, it is important that you complete and submit the following documents below. Click on the links to access

  1. Direct Seller’s  Agreement

Complete and return W9 form


Before you can get paid for the sales you make, it is important that you complete and submit the W9 IRS Form 

INSTRUCTIONS: Go to ONE of the links below to complete the W9 tax form, sign it, and submit online OR manually email it back to us at >>>  [email protected] 




  • 1

    Go to website
  • 2

    Read through instructions
  • 3

    Complete top of W9 form
  • 4

    Complete part 1 of W9 form
  • 5

    Sign part 2 of w9 form by clicking on "signature here"
  • 6

    Input today’s date
  • 7

    Click submit and sign button OR sign, scan, and upload
  • 8

    Complete signature process and email form to>>> [email protected]

Complete reputation marketing training


  1. Reputation Marketing
  2. Video Production
    1. Review Video Commercials
    2. Expert Interview Videos


Before moving forward, it is important for you to familiarize yourself with what Reputation Marketing is and how it applies to the business owners you will be helping. Go to the link below now and complete a very brief training on Reputation Marketing. 


NOTE >>> You MUST complete this initial training before you begin selling for us

Review commissions and compensation plan


Our company offers a very generous sales commission and compensation structure to help each of our sales reps earn what they are worth. Visit the link below for more information.


Review our company sales process


We start off by initially selling business owners what we term as a “Trust Trigger”. This is something which is relatively inexpensive, contains high value, and can produce instant results, making it a very easy decision for the business owner to move forward with our company. This “trust trigger” allows us to build trust and credibility with the business owner. After the “trust trigger” is sold and delivered to the business owner, the next stage involves selling the business owner one of our “Core Offers” on a recurring basis.

When bringing on new clients, our company only focuses on Reputation Marketing FIRST and then we attempt to upsell them to additional services.

The sales cycle for selling the INITIAL (trust trigger) offer to a prospect is 1 to 3 days.

The overall sales cycle from initial contact with the prospect until sale of the recurring core offer is typically 5 to 7 days

Review how our company pays its sales consultants


All sales reps are paid electronically through our online payment provider and NOT by check. This allows you to get access to your commissions faster.

Commissions are paid out weekly on Friday for all verified sales made the week before. There is a one week hold in order to allow time for any chargebacks or cancellations. See sample below:

Week 1 > 5 sales made / week in hole

Month 1 > 20 sales made / no residuals

Week 2 > 5 sales made / Paid for week 1

Month 2 > 20 sales made / residuals paid on month 1 sales

Week 3 > 5 sales made / Paid for week 2

Month 3 > 20 sales made / residuals paid on month 1 AND 2 sales

Week 4 > 5 sales made / Paid for week 2

Month 4 > 20 sales made / residuals paid on month 1 AND 2 AND 3 sales

Week 5 > 5 sales made / Paid for week 3

Month 5 > 20 sales made / residuals paid on month 1 AND 2 AND 3 AND 4 sales

Review how the sales orders you make will be processed


Whenever you make a sale, you will use the following online order form to get your sale processed allowing us to be able to give you credit for the sale you made. It is our expectation that you will be using this form quite often!

NOTE: You may want to bookmark the link below for easy access in the future

Click Here To Access Sales Order Form

Sign up for Zoom.us basic free plan

In order to be able to make online presentations to prospects, you will need to use an online meeting platform. This platform will allow you to be able to share your presentation slides on your computer screen with your prospects. The platform we recommend you use is  Zoom.us

  1. Click Here To Go To the Zoom.us website
  2. Sign up for their Basic Free Plan

Click Here for video tutorials on how to use zoom.us to host live meetings with prospects

  • 1

    Conduct a short test meeting with your sales manager where you host the meeting

Sign up for free Skype plan

From time to time to time your sales team leader will conduct live follow up and training meetings with you via Skype. For this reason you will want to sign up for a FREE Skype account.

Click Here To Sign Up

  • 1

    Share your skype id with your sales manager
  • 2

    Add your sales manager to your skype contact list

Set up appointment times to meet with sales manager for next 14 days

DAY 2:

Set up appointment calendar


Our company uses an appointment booking platform called YOU CAN BOOK ME to allow our sales consultants to receive appointments and set appointments with prospects and clients. We will add you as a team member on our end and provide you with a personal appointment link to use for appointments.

NOTE: At times our appointment setters may book appointments for a group of sales reps (in addition to cold calling performed by you). If your calendar availability has not been set up then you will not be able to get bookings from the appointment setters.

Below is a brief summary of this process:

  1. Our company adds you as a team member
  2. We will create a Google calendar for you to use and give you access to it
  3. You set up your availability in the calendar
  4. You are now ready to start getting and setting appointments



You will name available times in your google calendar >>>  "Available" (without quotes)


Click Here To Watch tutorial for setting up availability in the Google Calendar we share with you

  • 1

    Accept google calendar invitation
  • 2

    Set the times you are available inside google calendar

Review all tutorial videos for CRM platform

Depending on your familiarity with working with CRM platforms, will determine your ease in navigating and using our platform. We have provided a few “Quick Start” tutorial videos below to help you get started with using the platform (click on the links below to watch)



CRM Overview

Sending Emails

Filtering Emails

CRM Contacts Part 1

CRM Contacts Part 2

Log into CRM platform for the first time

  • 1

    Add a test contact in the crm
  • 2

    Create a test crm activity for your test contact
  • 3

    Make a test call from the CRM to your sales manager
  • 4

    Send a test SMS Text from the CRM to your sales manager
  • 5

    Delete your test contact when complete

We want you to familiarize yourself as soon as possible with using the CRM platform. What better way to do so than to have you add a "test contact" into it

The test contact you will be using will be the sales manager. You will add your sales manager as a contact completing the following fields

  • Full Name
  • Company Name
  • Position
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number

Any questions about this can be directed to your sales manager.



A very brief overview about IMAP


Setting up IMAP in the CRM will allow you to sync emails between your personal email provider and the emails you send to and receive from prospects and clients. For Example….let’s say you sent an email to a client from your personal email address, well when IMAP is set up, the CRM system will recognize that the email is being sent to a contact in the CRM and will pull all email correspondence for that contact into the CRM where you can later view it and keep track of those emails in one single place


  1. Read this ENTIRE PAGE before setting up
  2. Go to your email provider you normally use and create a folder and name it "CRM Emails."
    1. You will later select this folder when you set up IMAP in the CRM. Therefore, whenever you receive an email from a prospect or client (within your personal email account) you would simply move that email to this folder and then those emails will sync with the CRM
  3. In the CRM click on the Group Settings gear
  4. Click the "Email Options" tab
  5. Click the "Configure Imap" button
  6. When pop up window opens, enter the applicable server for the email provider you use
    1. Yahoo > imap.mail.yahoo.com
    2. Gmail > imap.gmail.com
      1. Please make sure, that IMAP access is enabled in the account settings.
        Login to your account and enable IMAP.
        You also need to enable "less secure apps" (third party apps) in the Gmail settings:  https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/6010255?hl=en
    3. Outlook > imap-mail.outlook.com
    4. Click Here if your email provider is not listed above
  7. Input your username and password that you use to login to your email provider 
  8. Check the box to automatically synchronize emails

Click Here Now to watch a brief video tutorial on setting up IMAP in the CRM

Synch Your Inbox with IMAP

IMAP is used to synchronize your CRM data with your personal email account.

Similar to how you synchronize your smartphone with your email, this system connects your FunnelMaker contact data with the folders you choose in your email account.

To setup your IMAP go to Settings > Group > Email Options tab and click the “Configure IMAP” button. You will need to know the domain of the server, your username, and password – this will set up the data collection and storage in your FunnelMaker account.Now, select whether or not you’d like to "Automatically Synchronize" emails. This option allows you to select the "Days Between Synchronizations." Then, select if you would like to "Mine Email Contacts." Selecting this option will automatically synchronize the contacts in the outbound and inbound emails, located in the folders that are selected. After you have entered in and selected the appropriate options, please click on the "Continue" icon. Now, you will have to choose which folders within your email account you wish to sync in FunnelMaker.

Some will choose to sync their Inbox and Sent Items folders so that every message is synced, while other may create a folder in their email account called FunnelMaker and only place the emails they want synced to the system into this folder. Then, when you call up a contact in your CRM, it will automatically show any one-to-one emails you sent from your email inbox program.

To manually fetch emails, please click on the Contacts header from the navigation bar. Once you are on the view contacts page, please hover over the Actions bar in the top right corner, and select "Get IMAP".

2-Step Verification for IMAP

When configuring your IMAP within FunnelMaker you may run into synchronization issues with regard to 2-Step Verification.

As it turns out, the 2-step verification for Gmail does interfere with IMAP. You have several options to remedy the situation:

1. You will need to disable 2 Step Verification. This can be accomplished by clicking on the "My Account" and then "Sign In & Security" in Gmail. You will click on 2 Step Verification, enter your password, and then have the option to disable.

2. If you want to keep your 2 Step Verification you will need to create an App password for your Google Apps/Gmail Account, and use that App password instead of your actual Google Apps/Gmail password. Please click on the account icon on the top right hand corner of your screen, and select the "My Account" option available.

Then, select the "Connected apps & Sites" option within the "Sign-in & Security" section. Now, scroll up until you reach "App Passwords" within the "Password & sign-in method" section. Enter in a password and create a new app password, selecting "Other" as the option for the app password. Then, you’ll be provided with a password which you can copy, and use in stead of your actual Gmail email password, when configuring IMAP within FunnelMaker.

3. If you don’t have 2 Step Verification and you are still running into configuration issues then you will need to allow for less secure apps to configure IMAP. Here is a link on how to do so:https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/6010255?hl=en&authuser=1

Review all tutorial videos and instructions for using phone dialer


Calling will need to take place during the hours that businesses in your assigned city are open. This will typically be from the hours of 9am to 5pm as it pertains to the time zone of the city you will be calling. You of course are not expected to call the entire time between 9 and 5, however you are expected to be able to make at least 60 to 80 calls per day, as well as make calls for at least 15 to 25 hours per week.(you may call more hours than that if you like)

The majority of your time each week will be invested on the phone, reaching out to business owners who may be in need of our marketing services. This is done by using our online phone dialer software which is already pre-loaded with the business leads you will be calling. In addition to cold calling you will also be following up with business owners you may have previously contacted and who require a call back for whatever reason.

You will be making phone calls using our online phone dialer. Our company will be giving you access to the dialer and assigning you business leads to call.

Click Here Now to access instructions

NOTE >>> You should have already received your access information to be able to log into our Online Phone Dialer Software. If you have not received this by DAY TWO then please contact us immediately.

  • 1

    Watch Agent Dashboard training video
  • 2

    Download Xlite dialer software

Set up your Google Calendar inside CRM platform (SKIP THIS SECTION)



Syncing your Google Calendar into the CRM

You can easily tie the events of a public Google calendar into your CRM calendar.

  1. First and very important, log in to your Google Calendar
  2. Select the calendar you want to share.
  3. Then click "Share this calendar"
  4. Then check the "Make this calendar public" box.
  5. Make sure the "Share only my free/busy information" is unchecked!
  6. Click "Save".

The next step is to get your calendar’s ID. Go back to your Google Calendar, then click "Calendar Settings". In the Calendar Address section of the screen, you will see the ID. Oftentimes, this is the email address you log into Google with.

Under Settings inside the CRM > Calendar > Description tab, you will populate the “Google Calendar ID” field.

Remember, any changes to your calendar events must be made in the original version. So if an event in the CRM has changed you will need to make that change in FunnelMaker and not in Google.

Review activity tracker

Complete training to sell Review Video Commercials


We will be giving you access to current sales training as well as archived training to help you be as successful as possible while on your way to earning a Six-Figure income. The majority of your training will come from David who has over a decade of sales and sales training experience.

We will also provide you with the necessary scripts, powerpoint presentations, and any other materials you will need to make successful with us

NOTE >>> Rather than give you all the training at once for all of the services we provide, we will be breaking up the training into three parts beginning with the training for our Review Videos which will be the first service you will learn how to sell and be successful at.

After about TWO weeks of selling this service, and getting familiar with our selling process, we will give you access to the other services we provide.

NOTE >>> You should receive an email NO LATER than your first day with a link to access the training. If you have not received this link yet, then please inform your assigned sales manager immediately.

DAY 3:

Complete your first day of calling

CONGRATULATIONS! Around your 3rd day after joining our team you should be ready to begin calling prospects. Your trial period will begin on your first day of calling

Talk to your first decision maker


Make your FIRST sale

Refer at least one sales consultant to help boost your residuals


For every sales consultant that you refer to our company, we will also pay you an additional 5% residual commission on ALL the recurring sales that THEY make.

For example:  

Let’s say you refer ONLY ONE sales consultant to our company and after a year (according to the sample chart above) they make a total of 138 sales. Now let’s say that only 50% of those sales converts into a monthly recurring client at just $197 per month.

This would bring their total recurring monthly sales up to: 69 sales  x  $297 = $20,493

(after 12 months)

$20,493 x 5% = $1,024 which goes to YOU each and every month IN ADDITION to the residual commissions you are already earning for yourself!

  • Want to double that? Refer TWO sales consultants!
  • Want to triple that? Refer THREE sales consultants!

Complete a full week within the activity tracker sheet

KPI (Key Performance Indicator) TRACKER:

Tracking your activities on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis is the key to selling success. We have created an Activity Tracker sheet to help you keep track of the key numbers and activities that are most important

Click Here Now to access the activity tracking sheet

KPI Definitions:

  • HRS CALLING: How many actual hours you spent making cold calls
  • CALLS: How many calls did you make in a given day
  • DM: How many decision makers did you speak to
  • How many appointments did you set
  • How many powerpoint presentations did you do
    • Ex….Technical Sign Off or Pre-production Calls
    • Etc….
  • INITIAL OFFER SALES: How many “one time” sales did you make
  • CORE OFFER SALES: How many recurring sales did you make

Check this off when you have completed this entire checklist

Take control of your workflows today.