You need to give your employees constructive feedback to make sure the business is working to the best of its abilities. Yearly, semi-yearly or quarterly performance reviews give you the best opportunity to praise employees for what they've done well, put right what they're doing wrong, and discuss your plans for their growth and the growth of the business.

That's why, over at Process Street, we've created this Performance Review Template.

Ensure your employees' performance never drops again!

Gather Material:

Record employee details

First thing's first you're going to want to record the details of employee you are going to be reviewing the performance of. Do so using the form fields below.

Retrieve employee's performance plan

Once you have the employee's details recorded you are going to have to retrieve a copy of the employee's performance plan or activity report from the relevant manager. You can do this by asking the hiring manager for a copy.

Once you have this, you are going to need to read through it and see where they're going right and going wrong.

Review Information:

In this section, there's an approval task (task #11). This will allow the employee's manager to look at the review you've written, then approve or reject it before your meeting with the employee.

The manager will be automatically assigned if you included their email in the "Their manager's email" field in task #3.

To learn more about how approvals works, read our informative blog post.

Review employee's responsibilities

Once you've gained a copy of the employee's performance plan you are going to need to look at the responsibilities they undertake within their role. Figure out what they perform better at than others. A factor to consider is if they have been given additional responsibilities and is that affecting their workload and productivity. 

Using the form fields below state the employee's duties and responsibilities. 

Review performance

When you've had a look at the employee's responsibilities and duties you can look at how their performance was when carrying out these tasks. The things you want to take into consideration are: 

  • How well the employee performed the assigned responsibilities and the quality and/or timeliness of the employee's accomplishments
  • Whether and how well the employee met performance goals
  • Areas of performance that improved over the appraisal period
  • Areas of performance that might need improvement

Assess their strengths

You will run through the employee's performance that you the gathered material from their manager earlier on. Run through what they're doing right with their current role, where their strengths are and what you see for them in the future.

Figure out their weaknesses

When you've run through the things that the employee's is doing right, it is time to focus what they're not doing so well at.

Review developmental needs

In addition to the information in the narrative, prepare to talk to the employee about developmental needs. Identify skills and competencies that may enhance or improve the employee's performance. Look into ways of improving skills, such as the classroom or online training.

Enter the appraisal review with this information on hand, but during the review, be sure to ask the employee for input on development needs. If employees participate in creating their own development plans, those plans likely will be more successful.

Approval: Manager

Will be submitted for approval:
  • Review performance
    Will be submitted

Schedule meeting

It is time to schedule the employee's interview. Once the date has been arranged you will then use our Performance Management Template to help your employee maintain their performance.


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