Personal Assistant:

the ROLE of Personal Assistant is to primarily: Protect the time and energy of James. You'll need to be the official GATE KEEPER and MANAGER to James. Anything you can do to save him time (get his time back), eliminate the need for him to think will be VERY APPRECIATED!

1. Calendar & Scheduling:

a. YOU Rule the Calendar

No one else can add anything to the calendar but YOU. Every appoint and booking MUST go through you. 

b. Nothing Scheduled Before 11am PST

Nothing is to EVER be scheduled BEFORE 11am PST 


Awkward 15-60 minute time gaps between appointments are to be avoided AT ALL COSTS.  Your focus should be to chunk/block everything as closely together as possible. Here are some "rules of thumbs"

  1. MYB Case Study Podcast Episodes (book for 45 minutes in calendar)
  2. MYB Interview Episodes (book for 1hr 15 minutes)

d. At Least *ONE* Clear Day Per Week

Please aim to have at LEAST one "clear" or empty day on the calendar every single week. Ideally TWO days. The worst case is putting 1 or 2 things on the calendar every day.

2. Personal Email:

a. YOU Rule the Email

I will be staying out of my email as much as possible, so you will be the sole person managing it 

b. Archive Marketing Emails

Anything that appears to be a "marketing newsletter" or promotional stuff from other people... you can ARCHIVE IT.


Scan for anything PERSONAL and/or IMPORTANT. Make a list, and we will have 1-2x meeting per week where you will verbally brief me on the email and what to do, then you will respond.  

3. Weekly Tasks:

a. Meeting Every Monday

We will quickly meet every Monday to discuss the following:

  1. What you accomplished last week
  2. What's Getting Your Way 
  3. Identify To-do items for THIS week
  4. Identify TOP PRIORITY items for the week 
  5. Emails that need to be addressed

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