Have a funny audio grab

First up in the podcast formatting checklist, you want to ensure that you have a funny intro grab. Once you have this, upload or link to it to the form fields below for safe keeping.

This should be a little snippet of the show to grab peoples' attention. The aim is to instantly catch your audience's interest, so ideally you should use a single section which will generate the greatest reaction, be it laughter or controversy.

Get an intro bumper

Next , you need to get yourself an intro bumper. Once again, when you have this, upload or link to it with the form fields below.

An intro bumper is typically a quick introduction recorded by a separate voice artist to further entice the audience. Summarize the show in general (rather than the specific episode), but keep it brief and interesting.

Have a narrative intro about the episode

Now that the bumper's done, you need to have a narrative intro from the podcast hosts themselves. Don't worry about the details of the show just yet; for now just give a brief overview of what has happened since the last episode.

The intro's contents will change drastically depending on the podcast you are making, but once again, try to have a short introduction to break the ice and catch the listener up on any vital information they will need for the upcoming show.

State the topic for the show specifically

Now you need to specifically state the topic for the show. Once the narrative has broken the ice, introduce today's show - give the title, etc.

Tease what is coming up in the show

Now's your chance to keep the listener hooked! You should tease what is coming up in the show, highlighting any key events and people such as interviews, special guests, competitions, etc.

Make a joke or two

Whilst this may not always be appropriate, aim to make a joke or two within this intro segment to set a comfortable and welcoming vibe for the listener. Once you have done this, your introduction should be complete and recorded or linked to in the form fields below.

Deliver the content of the show's topic

Now's the time to get into the meat of the podcast; deliver the show's topic content! Once you have this main body recorded, go ahead and save a copy or link to it with the form fields below.

Give news and updates

This is pretty self-explanatory - you now need to give any relevant news or updates.

Read listener comments from the website and facebook

Reading out listeners' comments from your previous episodes is a great way to interact with (and respond to) your audience. Start by recording the details of the comments you will respond to in the form field below.

Then, once you have this documented, go ahead and record your responses!

Include iTunes reviews people left

Another great way to interact with your audience is to include iTunes reviews in much the same way as the comments. Once again, record the details of the reviews you will read out or respond to with the form field below.

Give actionable tips a listener can implement

If appropriate and relevant, it's a great idea to include actionable tips your listeners can implement towards the end of the show. Record the tip details below, along with the combined post-topic content of your show.

By "post-topic content", we are referring to the combined segments of your news, updates, comments, reviews and actionable tips.

Have outro music to end the show

The final step in the podcast formatting checklist is to include outro music to end your show. As always, upload or link to your outro music using the form fields below.

Congratulations! You have completed the podcast formatting checklist and are ready to push ahead to the publishing stage.

Credit James Schramko - SuperFastBusiness

This checklist, along with How to Get Your First 100 Podcast Listeners and Get Your Podcast Live on iTunes was taken from the blog post The Formula for Creating a 1,000,000 Download Podcast from OkDork. It was written by James Schramko, the founder of Sydney based online marketing coaching business SuperFastBusiness.

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