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The WordPress Wednesday Newsletter

WordPress Wednesday is a free weekly newsletter we send to our list of email subscribers that contains articles from around the web designed to help them with their freelance WordPress consulting business.

We get lots of great feedback and testimonials for this newsletter and it is also a good source of sales for us. Our mission is to produce a newsletter every week that is of such high quality, people would pay for it.

What You Will Need

You will need access to

If you do not have access to these resources, please contact Troy Dean or Gin McInneny and request access.

NB: A cheat sheet to these instructions is also included in the ! Start Here document in the WP Wednesday folder in Google Drive.

Add Article Descriptions to Google Doc

Michelle should have already added the Title, URL, and author image credit for each article.Gin, your job is to add the description for each article you wish to include in the WP Wednesday Articles - XXX document.

Try to write engaging descriptions of no more than one sentence that will encourage readers to click through and read more. Make sure that the text you write is a similar size to the corresponding articles,

See the screenshot below or take a look at the sample file called WP Wednesday Articles - XXX in the sample folder called WP Wednesday XXX.

You can share up to 10 articles per week.

NB: You can use this Chrome extension to find the meta description of the article. This is what the search engines usually display to encourage readers to click through.

Choose Timeless Reads

Timeless Reads is the section at the end of the WordPress Wednesday newsletter and includes three articles that have been published sometime in the last 12 months but not necessarily in the last few weeks.

To find your articles for the Timeless Reads, login to BuzzSumo and go to the most shared tab.

In the filter section choose Past Year.

Type a keyword into the search box that matches one of the articles in this week's newsletter.

Choose an article from the search results that has high share numbers.

Add the title, description, URL and author to the Google document for three articles to be included in Timeless Reads.

There is no need to find any image for these articles.

An example of an article added to the Timeless Reads section.


Finish Here

You will know you have completed this process when you have a new subfolder in the WP Wednesday folder in Google drive containing a document with the articles as well as all of the images.

The document should contain a title, description, URL, author and image credit (if applicable) for each article as well as three articles in the Timeless Reads section.

If you are satisfied this process is complete please tick this off and make yourself a cuppa.

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