Without structure and some sort of tracking method, any and every project will quickly fall into disarray and run both over schedule and over budget. You need to be able to do more than just say "on your merry way" to the teams you need to get the task completed.

Unfortunately, the project management process varies wildly based on the source you consult, so we here at Process Street have created this easy-to-use template to suit any and every project.

From project conception and planning to the final stages of closing, this template provides the basic framework to keep every one of your projects on track and target.

Conception and Initiation:

Record the basic idea

First up in our project management process, you need to record what the idea for the project is. Do so using the form field below.

Detail its value

Now you need to record the value of the project to your company or organization. Write what benefit you believe the project will bring in the form field below.

Get approval

The final step in the conception and initiation phase is to gain approval to proceed further with the project. Record the relevant parties below, and their decision as to whether or not the project will go ahead.

Definition and Planning:

Draw up a project plan

Kicking off the definition and planning phase, you now need to draw up a project plan. Provide or link to a copy of this plan using the form fields below.

Set a budget

This is pretty much what it says on the tin; it's time to set a project budget using the form field below.

State the available resources

Now you need to state the resources which will be available for the project. Like most other sections of the definition and planning step, this may need to change depending on problems which arise, but for now lay out the ground level of required resources.

Lay out a timeline

Although this requires a little prediction, you now need to set a timeline for the project to take place. Remember that this is subject to change based on developments in the project, so for now just focus on setting a reasonable deadline.

Our dynamic due date feature is used to notify you when the project is due for completion.

Launch and Execution:

Have the kickoff meeting

Whilst it's the only entry in our launch and execution project management steps, the kickoff meeting as a number of vital aspects, all of which must be covered. Work through the sub-checklist and form fields below to not miss a thing.

  • 1
    Meet with all involved
  • 2
    Convey the project
  • 3
    Cover all important project information
  • 4
    Discuss and assign tasks to suitable team members
  • 5
    Detail all project responsibilities / chain of command
  • 6
    Lay out when regular communication will take place

Performance and Control:

Record KPIs

Now that the project's kicked off, it's time to record the KPIs you will be using to monitor the project's progress with. Do so in the form field below.

Keep communicating

Remember to keep up your regular communication with the relevant teams. Doing so will give you a good handle on the progress of the project and the problems being encountered.

Record the problems which arise using the form field below, and if required, be sure to re-assign resources or team members to deal with these issues accordingly.


Ensure project is complete

The first step in the project's close is to ensure that all tasks have indeed been completed. If this is not the case, you need to arrange the necessary resources in order to get them done.

Terminate contractors

Once all tasks are complete, any contractors hired to work on the project need to be terminated. This is to ensure both that there are no loose ends upon final evaluation and to pay no more than is required.

Assess project outcome

The final stage in our project management steps is to assess and evaluate the finished project. All outcomes of this final evaluation should be recorded using the form fieldbs below before the project is either laid to rest or taken further into the next project.

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