Keeping a retail store clean is an essential everyday task. Customers like to see cleanliness and organization. Walking into a cluttered and messy store doesn't give the customer much confidence. They will just decide to shop elsewhere if there is no clear organization.  You should aim to carry out these cleaning duties every day as small mess can build up.  

That's why us over at Process Street have decided to create this Retail Store Cleaning Checklist.

Never miss a spot of dust again!


Collect store details

First of all, you should record the details of the store you are going to be cleaning. Record the store's details using the forms below:

Tidy up clutter

Now to make things easier for you when getting into the nitty gritty stuff, you should tidy up any clutter that is on the shop floor. Using the sub-checklist below, make sure you have tidied any clutter up:

  • 1
    Garbage to be thrown away (litter, etc)
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
    Shelf Wobblers
  • 5
    Empty trash bins


Sweep the entrance

First impressions are important. Customers do not want to walk into a store which has a mess everywhere at its entrance. Why should a customer have to feel like they're climbing a mountain just to go and buy an item? Sweep the entrance and lift up any litter that is lying at the front of the store! Also, remember to dust and wash any planters.

Clean glass doors and windows

Clean glass doors and windows are important. Seeing a store which has glass windows which you can not see your reflection in is never a good sign. Or seeing that the doors have dirty marks all over them encourages you not to enter the store. Mix the warm water up in a bucket with dishwashing liquid, creating soapy water and apply with the scrubber.


Empty trash cans

If there are any garbage bins inside the store, be sure to empty them to stop overflowing and any chance of a smell developing.

Clean the floors

A crucial part of the retail store cleaning process is clearing the floors of any mess they have accumulated from the day before. The floors should be vacuumed with any products or furniture being moved in the process to get at the whole surface.

With uncarpeted floors, they should then be mopped with warm water and a soapy mixture then left to dry. In some occasions wringing the mop before applying will help. Keep in mind once the floor has been wiped with the mop you should then it dry with a cloth.

Store Area:

Wipe glass display units

Glass display units are simple to keep clean and tidy. Dusting and wiping with a soft dry cloth will take care of much of the effort and keep your showpiece looking wonderful. Using vinegar is a good way to get rid of stains on glass. 

Clean shelves

Clean shelves are a must in a retail store. Customers do not want to see dust all over the product they are looking at nor do they like seeing dirty finger marks. You should make sure that shelves are dust free, mark free and dirty free. There are many ways to get rid of dust and dirt, use clean sponges, vacuum the area and use cans of compressed air for dust.

Neaten up furniture

Store furniture (sofas, chairs etc.) need to be given a quick inspection at this stage. Straighten up any pillows or cushions and check under seats for lost personal items or unnecessary rubbish. Use the vacuum on any piece of the furniture if necessary.


Clean any mirrors

Start off by taking care of the mirrors in the restroom. If they are cleaned incorrectly you can be left with marks over the surface, be sure to take care and remember to only use clean cloths.

If the mirrors are not in too bad of a  shape then all you have to do is apply warm water with a cloth then dry it with another. Use a soapy water mixture if warm water doesn't do the trick and then dry with a cloth.

Scrub restroom fixtures

Remember to clean the restroom fixtures. For cleaning the sink, use warm water with a soapy mixture. Then dry down with a cloth or towel. Wipe the floor with a mop and bucket that is filled with hot soapy water.

Cleanse toilet(s)

The most unpleasant job has been saved for the end, but one of the most important. Toilets must be cleaned weekly but ideally, you want to have them cleaned daily especially with the chance of large amounts of people using them.

Spray the toilet seat and rim with anti-bacterial sprays and leave for a few minutes. Then wipe the seat and rim with a cloth and scrub the toilet bowl with a toilet brush. Remember to use rubber gloves!


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