Intro to Roof Inspection Report Template:

Roof Inspection Report Template - Process Street

This Process Street Roof Inspection Report Template walks you through the steps necessary to make sure a roof is in good working condition. 

As you work through the checklist you will encounter form fields where you can input information

These form fields save data to the checklist which can then be accessed in a table format in the template overview tab. This allows you to run this checklist multiple times for different roofs and have all of your data compiled together in one place. 

Within the checklist, we'll also include videos where applicable to give a visual demonstration of some of the tasks. 

Here's an overview video to start us off. 

Roof Inspection - Doyle Williamson

Record checklist details

Use the form fields provided to record information pertinent to the checklist. 

Check your insurance details

Whether inspecting your own home, or using this checklist for commercial inspections, it is important to check the insurance details of the property in question. 

The insurance cover may determine what work can or cannot be done on the basis of the results of this roof inspection. 

Use the form field below to detail the insurance cover.

Perform a risk assessment

Your safety and that of any workers with you is of the utmost importance.

Make sure you perform a risk assessment before beginning the work on the roof. 

Use the form field below to upload your risk assessment.

This video details some of the key considerations when working at height on roofs:

Safety on the Roof - Dan Bolduc

Check for broken roof tiles

Check across the roof for broken tiles and other signs of damage. Focus on the main tiles as other tasks will review tiles with specialized purposes. 

Use the form field below to record whether there are broken tiles and to what extent.

Look for damaged ridge and gable tiles

Check all ridge and gable tiles for damage or wear. 

Use the form field to record your notes.

How to remove ridge tiles DIY - James Slattery

Assess the condition of ridge capping

Review the condition of the ridge capping for dislocated tiles or wear. 

Ridge capping is also referred to as bedding and pointing. 

Use the form field for notes.

Check the condition of valley tiles

Review the suitability of the valley tiles and the condition of them.

Any broken valley tiles need clipping to prevent dislodging.

Use the form field for notes. 

Inspect for weep holes

Search for the weep holes on the roof. Check they are well located and are not blocked.

Not having weep holes can result in a build-up of water which may eventually cause leakage into the property. 

Record details in the form field.

Watch the video for a further explanation of weep holes.


Review the condition of valley irons

The main thing to check for when reviewing the valley irons is the presence of rust. 

With the level of weather exposure roofs receive, rust can build up quickly on valley irons. 

Use the form field to record your notes.

Assess the lead flashing

Review the condition of the lead flashing for damage or dislocation. 

Lead flashing is susceptible to shrinking and expanding which means it crack. To counter this we must make sure we insert cuts every three meters.

Use the form field to record the condition of the lead flashing.

How to Install Lead Roof Flashings - Easy fit roof flashing DIY

Review the roof surface

Inspect the surface of your tiles for weather damage, mold, or lichen build up. 

If the condition of the tiles is poor you may need to consider recoating the roof tiles. 

Use the form field below to leave your notes.

Watch the video for instruction on how to recoat your roof tiles. 

Roof: Cleaned Sealed + Painted with Tile Guard Roof Coating - Painting TampaBay

Check the roof fixing methods used

In this task, look at the methods used to hold the tiles in place. 

If the tiles have not been secured down properly then they are at risk in the event of high winds. 

Use the form field to record your findings.

Inspect the condition of your sarking

It is important that the sarking is in good condition. 

Sarking acts as a fire and moisture repellent and is an important safety component. 

Sometimes electricians will make holes in sarking, so it is important to check not just the general condition but also for the presence of holes in areas where you may expect to find them.

Use the form field to record your findings.

WHAT IS ROOF SARKING? - Queensland Roofing

Create and file your report

Once you have completed your inspection you can compile your report.

You could either go to the template overview tab and export your data as a CSV file, or you can choose to print this checklist and select Save to PDF.

Upload your final report in the form field provided.


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