Keeping up the standard of your store is a crucial part of keeping your customers returning. Learning the basics of health & safety can ensure that your store never runs into any trouble. 

That's why us over here at Process Street created the Store Audit Checklist. 

A focus on health & safety makes good business sense. For a small business, workplace accidents can be financially disastrous. If you consider the cost of training employees, damage to property and stock. With a good health & safety program in position, you can focus on making your business grow!

Using this template will ensure you never miss a loose wire again!

General checks:

Record audit details

First things first; you are going to have to fill in the store details for the audit you are about to complete. Fill in the boxes below to keep a record of the store's details.

Audit reviewer details

At the end of this Store Audit checklist, you will detail appropriate changes needed, on the basis of this audit. These changes will need to be reviewed and approved before they can be actioned by management.

Please fill in the form fields below detailing management information as required.

Fire and Emergency:

Identify evacuation alarm

Identify where the evacuation alarm is in the store. If the store has more than one alarm identify where they all are. 

In the case of an emergency, pushing this will allow employees and customers to know that they have to evacuate the store. When a fire is witnessed this must be pushed almost immediately to stop any devastating events. 

Locate fire control equipment

Locate where the fire control equipment is in the store. It has to be easily accessible for staff to gain access to and for them to use. There needs to be at least one water or foam fire extinguisher in the store. Identify if there are any fire extinguishers in the store:

Store flammable material

Make sure any flammable material is correctly stored away and out of site from anything that could cause a fire. It can be incredibly dangerous to have any type of material that is flammable to be just lying on the shop floor. This could cause a serious health and safety risk. 

Safety Administration:

Train employees with equipment

Training employees on how to use the equipment could be crucial in the event of a disaster. If a staff member does not know how to use any of the fire control equipment (extinguisher, etc) it could result in injuries. Staff should be trained by a professional or by someone that knows how to use the extinguisher correctly; this can prevent any crisis happening. 

Ensure safety training is given

Ensure safety training has been given to staff members. For staff to know what to do in the event of a crisis they are going to need training. A qualified instructor or someone who knows the training regulations should give staff proper training. Use the sub-checklist below to document what type of training has been given:

  • 1
    Fire control
  • 2
    Evacuation procedures

Document safety trainings

Document safety training of staff members to ensure that you have a record of everyone that has been trained and on who needs to be trained. This way you can also keep a tab on who may need re-trained or reminded of the procedures. 

Electrical Equipment:

Check electricals have been tested

Inspect all electrical equipment in the store. Check that all electrical items have been tested and they work properly. If there is a faulty item, remove them from the store to prevent any problems from occurring. 

Store wires away

Store wires away out of sight on the shop floor. Customers do not want to see wires lying around the shop floor, store the wires in a way that won't cause any problems. There are many ways to store your wires away safely:

  • Hide cables with foam pipe insulation 
  • Shorten lengthy cords with DIY wrappers
  • Use a wire basket

After Inspection:

Conduct regular safety meetings

Conduct regular safety meetings to ensure that all staff members are up-to-date with new health and safety procedures and regulations. There may be new methods of fire control that staff needs to know about so having them know, may be beneficial. This way you will also find out who isn't too sure on the procedures and may need to be retrained. 

Make appropriate changes

If you found any problems within the store. Make sure that they are fixed according to health and safety procedures. Fill in the box below with any problems that you found when carrying out the audit checklist.

The change suggestions detailed below need to be reviewed and approved by the relevant managemental personnel. Completion of this Store Audit is not possible until suggested changes have been approved.


Will be submitted for approval:
  • Make appropriate changes
    Will be submitted


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