Let's Talk Business:

It's time to create a paint by numbers approach to meeting your goals.

Give us an idea of what makes you tick, things you'd like to try, things you'd never want to do, and more. We'll guide you to the finish line every step of the way.

Attend Business Consultation

This is the most important step of starting any business, yet it’s ignored or put off by 99% of agents new and old.

Don’t be an average agent (they make $30k/yr), plan your work and work your plan.

Complete Entrepreneur's Blueprint

How many transactions do you need to reach your target profit? Download the file and simply fill in the blanks and the formulas will crunch all the numbers for you.

No Excel, no problem!  Open it in Google Drive and and you'll be able to edit, save, send, and all that good stuff.  Plus, it makes it that much easier for you to share it with us.

Determine lead generation sources

  • 1
  • 2
    Expired Listings
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
    Open Houses
  • 6
    Geo Farming
  • 7
    Buyer/Seller Seminars
  • 8
    Repeat / Referrals

Build your Perfect Daily Schedule

Control your calendar or someone else will. Creating a Perfect Daily Schedule is an integral part of taking control of your business and life by creating a schedule that helps you reach your goals.

Join Adam Yera as he walks you through the idea behind the Perfect Daily Schedule and leave with a framework to create yours.

Money Management:

It's time to establish healthy habits with your money management.  Take these steps to have automation working for you and your bank roll.

Gauge the health of your business in one glance and sleep easy when tax season rolls around.

Set up a DBA business account

This is step 1 of getting your income organized and tax ready.  Don't wait until the money starts coming in to do this.

Download Qapital for money management automation

This is for the tax man, trust us on this one.  Have the app automatically push 30% of your earnings into that DBA account so when tax season rolls around you'll be squared away.

Download for iOS and Android here:


Start using Quickbooks Self Employed and enable mile tracking

You NEED this.  Not convinced?  

  • $10/mo
  • Snap a photo of your receipt and categorize the expense with a few clicks
  • Track and organize expenses
  • Automatically track mileage
  • Easy quarterly taxes with reminders

Visit the site and get started here.  There's even a free trial.

Identify marketing budget

Implement profit/loss sheet

Build Your Brand:

Buy custom domain for use with email and website

You'll want to use Google domains (not GoDaddy).  Not only can you use this for your website, you can use that same domain for a custom email handle with Gmail.

In addition, it'll work seamlessly with all the other tools in the Googleverse.  Things like Google Calendar, Drive, Docs/Sheets, and the hundreds of additional apps available through the tech giant. 

Ex:  WeSellHoustonHomes.com, your email would be [email protected]

Configure email signature with office logo and IABS compliance

Need help figuring out how to have the IABS info available with every email?  Well here you go.

Configure Google Voice number

Google Voice

Here's everything you need to know, including "why".

Don't forget to update your voicemail greeting

Identify your perfect audience

What is your core demographic? Go beyond location.

Can they be narrowed down by age, gender, family status, or profession?  What are their interests?  Also consider what kind of people are organically attracted to your personality.

Do a bio refresh highlighting the best things about yourself (both in and out of real estate)

Define your Mission, Vision, Values, and Beliefs

Here's ours.  Hopefully it gets the creative juices pumping.


We are unapologetically committed to your success and the only time we will apologize is when you don't reach your desired level of success.  When we say our goal is to help you reach yours, we mean it. 

RE/MAX is the only company in the world that is legally allowed to say "Nobody in the world sells more real estate than

RE/MAX” and we strive to preserve the standards and demands of the world's most successful name in real estate.


To provide the necessary development systems and staff support for real estate professionals to thrive and succeed.


A positive, productive and success oriented environment that inspires personal and professional growth.

An environment rich in the sharing of ideas and friendly competitive drive, always celebrating our successes free of judgment.

Irreplaceable and irresistible agent development program.


Influence - Who you surround yourself with is who you become.

Knowledge - The more you learn, the more you earn.

Results - Achieve and celebrate when we do.

Simplicity - Seek to continually simplify and improve processes, procedures and activities.

Selectivity - Our office isn't for everyone: Our standards and demands can only be met by success oriented individuals.

Spirituality - Just as one should seek to develop as professional, one should seek to grow as an individual.

Vision - Visualize and materialize.


Real estate is basic.

Real estate is a get rich business.

Write your Unique Value Propositions (UVP)

Create a logo to represent your brand

Unless you're a design guru already, this is a job for a pro.  Although you can get this done for as little as $5, don't be cheap when it comes to building your brand.

Professional grade work for just about any creative project you could think of. Jobs start at $5 but you get what you pay for.
A bit of a step up from Fiverr but well worth the jump if you can swing the extra cost. You can even tell the platform what you're looking for and have people compete for your business.

Literature and Resources:

Inman Real Estate News

Did you know you get a FREE subscription to Inman through HAR?  You do now.  It's a goldmine and even has info specific to Houston.  Take a minute to sign up.

Think & Grow Rich


The Conversion Code

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