Webinars are one of the most invaluable tools in solving a customer's problems whilst enchancing their User Experience. This checklist will guide you through the process of hosting a webinar and can easily be run before every event.

Not only will this allow you to streamline your Customer Success process, but you will never again forget any part of the process, be it sending out reminders or making notes to later summarize.

Let's get started!

2 Weeks Before:

Pick a date

First, you need to select a convenient time for everyone involved. Once this has been done, record the selected time using the form field below.

Since it is a live event, you need everyone's full commitment for the duration of the webinar and a set time to tell viewers to tune in.

A fantastic way of doing this is to sync up your team's calendars with a program such as Google Calendar; doing so allows you to easily choose a free block of time for your webinar, and even send automated email notifications about events.

Choose a topic

Pick a wide-ranging topic that also allows for more specific questions. Once a topic has been chosen, record it in the form field below.

If you have already received questions from your customer base then either allow room for those topics to be brought up during the webinar, or (better yet) specifically cover that topic.

You should use this as an opportunity to tie in announcements of new features and promote your product, based on how your audience can solve the problems which they have encountered. Keeping your core message at the heart of the webinar will also spark the interest of those who already follow your brand, questions or no.

Secure a guest speaker

Try to get a recognized expert in your field to come on and discuss the topic with you. Record the details of the guest speaker using the form fields below.

Remind them that it's a great place for extra exposure and that they can promote themselves by coming on the air to help. 

For ideas on who to have a guest speaker, think of who you admire in your field (or who relates to the webinar topic), who potentially endorses you, who you potentially endorse and who can give your webinar the edge as far as field-specific knowledge goes.

Make an announcement

Now that you have all the required information about the event, you need to tell your customers. You can do this by making an announcement in your newsletter, on your blog or even through apps such as Twitter and Facebook; whichever medium is most likely to get your users' attention.

No matter how you make the announcement, ensure that you record a copy of it using the form fields below.

Promote your webinar to let your customers and leads know what the webinar is going to be about, when they can watch it and how they can tune in.

Send out invitations

Following up on your announcement you should now send out invitations to the event. Programs such as Mailchimp allow you to reach your customers easily in a separate email from the newsletter, notifying anyone who didn't catch it the first time around.

A select group of prospects should also be sent invites, especially if you're talking about your product's functionality and uses; once again webinars can be as much

2-5 Days Before:

Send out reminders

Using Mailchimp, send a quick reminder email to the same customers and prospects who recieved the personal invitations. Record the date this reminder was sent using the form field below.

Call the guest speaker

Have a pre-webinar call with the guest speaker to cement the talking points and make sure they're ready to speak.

Prepare to host the webinar

Here are some recommended pieces of software for hosting webinars. Get your slides ready and consider the positioning of any cameras.

Host your webinar

The day has come; now you need to host the webinar.

In the Q&A session, invite your viewers to participate via and take notes for when you write about it later. Upload a copy of your notes once finished using the form field below.

The Follow-Up:

Thank the guests

Send out a thank you email to your guest(s) and let them know about any future plans you might have to host a webinar with them in the future. 

Don't forget to thank your customers and prospects for taking part!

Summarize the key points raised

With the notes you took during the Q&A session, write up the answers to a few key concerns and remarks your customers had and send those along with the next newsletter. As always, record a copy of this write-up using the form field below.

This will help remind customers and alert the ones who didn't attend to the benefits of watching the next one.

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By Luke Closs from Checkmarkable

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