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What Is Animal Cruelty And How Can The Youth Stop It For Good?

What Is Animal Cruelty And How Can The Youth Stop It For Good?

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What Is Animal Cruelty And How Can The Youth Stop It For Good?

What Is Animal Cruelty And How Can The Youth Stop It For Good?

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Why should one be cruel to animals? Animal cruelty is neglecting, inflicting any kind of pain, or doing any kind of harm to animals. Most of us love pets, and it is important that we treat them right. One sure thing is that most animals we live with cannot defend themselves from cruelty. It is our duty as young citizens to protect and care for them. Some of the ways to do this include:
Being Kind
Charity begins at home. The first step to stopping this cruelty is to treat the animals at home the right way. Ascertain that your pet has enough food and is well sheltered. Show them love and compassion. They will live longer. If they act out of line, use safer discipline methods. It is a God-given duty to protect the animals.
Fight Cruelty
After ensuring the animals back at home are safe and provided for, it is time to defend other animals. If you witness any form of cruelty, try to intervene, but inform the animal protection service or the police if you cannot do that. Do not watch any animal being mistreated.
Educate Others on the Importance of Treating Animals With Respect
As youths, we have the energy to go around and raise awareness of the negative impacts of being cruel to animals. There is a need to teach children how to show love and compassion to animals to raise a better generation.
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Volunteer To Help Animals
Walk around and try identifying animals that need food, shelter, or any kind of support. If you know of one that is mistreated, find ways of helping it out. You can always contact animal protection who are legally allowed to accommodate mistreated animals. If you can adopt some, do it.
Support Laws That Promote Animal Kindness
Being cruel to animals is wrong, and we should all stop it. One of the ways is to support strict laws that offenders have to face. If we extend the jail terms of animal offenders or increase fines, we will save many animals. This makes one rethink their actions before they lay hands on animals.
This doesn’t stop the act, but it will reduce such cases.
Humans can differentiate right from wrong. Is being cruel to animals right? That is the question we need to ask ourselves anytime we want to harm animals. Being kind and providing for the animals doesn’t hurt. Why not do it?

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