Where to see true reviews about your writing service

When getting down to reading testimonials and reviews about writing services, you are most likely to end up on the website dedicated to meditation. Indeed, this process can get to a point when you become puzzled with an overwhelming quantity of comments, reviews, and testimonials. What even is the difference between those? What can I expect from the writing service reviews? Are they reliable? If no, where can I find resources with the feedbacks? Who is John Galt?

If you are not sure about your intuition when choosing the writing service, this article is for you. We are about to open up about the marketing tips of the popular writing agencies, which you rarely see on their own web resources.

Let’s begin with defining the types of feedback you may face online:

  • Comments:personal impressions people put in the respective section. As a rule, they are written in an informal manner, which makes them easy to read. However, some of the customers might not cover all the aspects of their cooperation with the writing services. In fact, most of these statements are quite emotional.

Example: when I received my assignment I was like OMG WHHHAAAT!!?!?!? Still don’t know how my writer got through these instructions! Thanks bro, you get my next essay!

  • Testimonies: personal statements written in a rather formal manner, usually published on the writing services websites or forums (not social media). Provide more coherent data about their experience with the particular brand covering most of the aspects. Some of them might tell a story and elaborately describe their case. 

Example: I am a freshman at Boise State University. Marketing has been my biggest passion until I had to sign up for History classes. Sincerely, I do enjoy reading these books and articles. What is more, I value academic integrity and deciding on placing four paper was not the easiest one. However, Writing Service blog looked quite trustworthy, so I texted the support department. They called me back in three minutes! I chose the writer for the additional fee and provided her with all the instructions. We set up a 7-day deadline, but I got all the drafts in 3 days.
The things I liked about the Writing Service: support department 24/7, on-time delivery, high-quality service, affordable prices.
The things I would improve: my writer didn’t reply to me on time, but then I was explained she works shifts.

  • Reviews: complete impersonal constructive feedbacks about the writing service. They are based on multiple cases but still don’t emphasize one as an etalon. Reviews have a particular structure, which naturally leads to you the bottom line: the final grade. How to choose a trustworthy review? Make sure it’s not published on a website, where you can actually order a paper.

See the other three recommendations you need to follow to find a decent review:

Look for the well-put review structure

A classic professional review is way more than an ordinary comment on Facebook or Twitter. In fact, reading a review will provide you will all the information about the writing service. You will know everything from their working hours up to the universities their writers graduated from like in Customwritings.com review. Like in this case of a review of Customwritings, the milestones of a complete review are the brand story, prices, writers, and academic levels they work with.

Expand the borders

First things fist, superficial research is not enough. Not going further than the first page of the Google result became a bad habit for the vast majority of students. However, you have to remember that good SMM is not the central argument to convince you as a skilled detective. Again, do your best to grasp as many resources as you possibly can. By selecting all types of feedbacks, you increase the chance of making your final decision based on critical reasons.

Shout-out to Mark!

Whereas some people keep blaming social networks for spreading fake news and formulating a public opinion, they will be a handy tool for finding “unfiltered” feedbacks. For example, you can go on the Facebook page of your writing service (hopefully, it exists) and see the comments people left under their posts. Some of them will shine brighter than diamonds, but you can always see the profiles of people who left those. Unless they look like so-called bots (artificially created profiles for advertising), you may trust their comments.

Cheating in the world of academic writing occurs way more frequently than you can imagine. We hope that you have safe cooperation with the chosen service and will never fall under the scam when ordering an essay.


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