Once a year, you should be aware of domain and SSL certificate expiration, and generally consider the current state of your site and where you want it to be in the future.

Run this checklist as part of our weekly, monthly, and quarterly web maintenance pack. This way, you'll never forget vital steps and end up with an outdated website (or worse).

Add this template to your Process Street organization, and edit it as you need. Also check out this post which includes the other three maintenance checklists.

Update references to the current year

If the copyright year in the footer isn't dynamically inserted via PHP, then consider setting it up so you don't have to do it every year.

  • 1
    Change copyright year in footer
  • 2
    Change year in privacy pages, terms and conditions, etc.
  • 3
    Change references to the year in your other content ("SEO Guide 2016", etc.)

Review pages for content accuracy

Your about page, your team page, your product page...

Every year, these could be rendered misleading or inconsistent by a re-brand or a re-structure. By now, you might have more important things to write about that can replace the old text.

Sites change visual branding and language often; don't overlook your site's pages, review them to ensure complete consistency.

Renew your website domains name(s)

Failure to renew your domain name means your site will be offline for 24-48 hours while the domain re-populates after purchase.

Most hosts will furiously notify you when your domain is nearing expiry, but make sure to be prepared for the renewal ahead of time; you might have an old card attached to the account, and have it fail.

Check SSL certificate renewal date

While services like ITGlue will notify you when assets like SSL certificates are nearing expiry, anyone can check manually.

This page has a list of methods for checking the expiry dates of any SSL certificates.

SSL renewal can be an absolute pain, so we've provided a step-by-step SSL renewal guide for you.

Using ITGlue, you can automatically run SSL renewal checklists in Process Street whenever the expiry is near.

Review strategy to align with goals

Think about what you're providing your users, and what you're pushing them to do (opt-ins, sales, landing page copy).

Do these things still match up with the content and design of your site?

Do they match up with your tone and your language?

Pivoting is common for blogs and tech startups alike. It can be a risk, but it's paid off for numerous companies, big and small.

Here are some resources to refer to while making this huge consideration:

Consider updating the website design

Have you noticed that you can always tell when a website hasn't been updated since 2012? Every few years, modern web design language shifts slightly and can leave your old faithful layout quickly looking dated.

Here are some branding case studies you can refer to to get some inspiration:

Look at the design of your competitors, and consider whether or not you need an update.


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