Understanding The Zoho CRM Import Process

Let's talk about the process of importing your account contact information to Zoho CRM. 
I want to make sure you are in the right place before beginning. 

Spreadsheet Import - Format Correctly

Let's take a look at the Excel spreadsheet you are importing and make sure it is correctly formatted or cleaned up properly. 

Import Accounts - The Business Setup

1st we'll import the business accounts to Zoho CRM. These are the companies you will be dealing with. Basically the place you will send your invoices to. 

Import Contacts - The People

Now we will add your contacts. The people you will be directly talking to. 

Check for Duplicates - Merge Them

Don't worry if you see duplicates. Here's how to merge them.

Mass Edit With Zoho Sheet

Quickly edit your new entries in a Spreadsheet style format. 

Delete If There Was A Mistake

Made a mistake or changed the spreadsheet. No problem here's how to mass delete your entries. 

Zoho CRM Import Contacts Conclusion

That's it you should be sorted now. Let me know if you have any issues. 

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