A Look Inside Bolton Remote’s Content Marketing Process

content marketing process

Ever wondered exactly how other companies carry out their marketing? I caught up with Edsel Mendoza on the Bolton Remote marketing team to talk about the processes they use to generate leads, gain exposure and produce error-free content.

Bolton Remote, who help companies find remote staff who get things done, use Process Street as an alternative to Microsoft Word because they found Word documents would be read once, then inaccurately executed from memory.

A quick glance at their blog shows they’re big on systemization and rely on it to effectively maintain a remote and in-house team, plan their social media marketing and execute daily tasks.

Bolton Remote transitioned from poor documentation to using Google Calendar, then integrated that system with Process Street to track team activity.

Although we do love the alerts we get every time an event comes along, it proved to not be enough to keep us at our best. We needed something more than a calendar. We needed everything, from task lists to documented processes, easy to access. This is where Process Street comes in.

Because of Process Street’s features, everything we needed to ensure smooth operations was in one screen. From process steps to daily task lists, we could tick actions off without even changing windows. Although the alert notification we got used to with Google Calendar wasn’t there, it proved alright since it encouraged better ownership of processes, and it freed me from having to constantly check each team lead if they’re on track or not – now, all I need to do is check if their progress bars are complete or not.

— Edsel Mendoza

Here’s a look at the calendar Bolton Remote uses to trigger checklists and stay on track:

content promotion processes with Google Calendar

Which processes do Bolton Remote use?

Bolton Remote moved from Google Calendar alerts to using trigger-based processes. Each time a new piece of content needs drafting and proofing, the marketing team collaborate on a fresh checklist. Edsel says, “the steps in both drafting and proofing content are all listed down and ready to tick off”.

Internal content promotion process


Thanks to this recent article on Bolton Remote’s blog, we are getting a clear idea on the use-cases for Process Street.

“We have multiple departments using this tool. In Marketing, we used to create .doc files for new processes. While it provides documentation, it does very little else. A team member will read the Word file once and execute processes from memory, which can be troublesome for tasks that require dozens of steps to be accomplished.

Process Street really helped with improving our processes. We love how it is fully customizable and is accessible anywhere being a web-based tool. The scheduling option is extremely helpful for us. We can plan our day-to-day processes in the marketing department via Process Street and we don’t have to worry about missed steps and forgotten tasks.

It’s an incredibly simple app but it serves as our tool for process documentation, task tracking, and to do list all rolled into one! While our marketing campaigns are complex, the execution is made a lot less complicated. It has made our processes go a lot smoother and at the end of the day, we are confident that nothing has been forgotten.”

How to create content marketing processes for your business

Small teams with a single manager who don’t document their processes are at risk of being slow, inefficient and unable to work on autopilot. When managers don’t document processes, they stand in the way of their team learning to work without their direct guidance.

Content marketing processes are usually broken down into these categories:

  1. Content research
  2. Content creation
  3. Quality assurance / approval
  4. Content promotion

These are the 4 basic types of processes you’ll need to start systemizing your content marketing efforts. By creating these workflows and assigning them to the people with the skills to execute them, managers are delegating responsibility to their team and freeing up time to concentrate on the company’s growth.

For specific content marketing processes, here’s a content promotion checklist to help you get started boosting your content’s reach and impact.

You can treat it as a guide to create your own processes or as a repeatable workflow each time you need to promote new content.

For more information on Bolton Remote, visit their homepage.

To start creating your own processes and systemizing your business, sign up to Process Street for free. 🙂

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