Create a PDF with Zapier

You can easily create a PDF from a Process Street workflow run with Zapier. If you wanted, you could even automatically send that PDF straight to your inbox by adding an optional part to the integration. Plan: Integrations are available on all plans. Users: In order to create an API […]

Poptin + Process Street Integration

You can integrate Poptin with Process Street using Zapier. This allows you to create workflow runs when new leads are logged in Poptin. For example, Poptin can use highly targeted popups to funnel leads into a closing the sale workflow in Process Street. Use case: A digital agency uses Process […]

Parseur + Process Street Integration

You can integrate Parseur with Process Street workflow runs using Zapier. Information can be parsed and extracted from your emails with Parseur, allowing you to automatically catch and funnel leads and their data directly into a workflow run for client onboarding. Parseur will send the parsed information into form fields […]

Chargebee + Process Street Integration

You can integrate Chargebee with Process Street checklists using Zapier. Data you store in form fields can be pushed to Chargebee to update billing subscription plans. That means you can create and assign upgrade plans to your customers as part of your workflow with Process Street checklists. Use case: A company manages […]

Airtable + Process Street Integration

You can easily Integrate Airtable with Process Street. Any action in Process Street, like a new task being checked, a comment on a task in a workflow run, a workflow being run, or an attachment uploaded to a task can be set up as a trigger to do something in […]