Role Assignments

The Process Street team is excited to announce the release of our brand new role assignments feature. With role assignments, you can pre-assign tasks to different roles on your team. This is useful for larger teams where different people might complete a task depending on their role or if you […]

Role Assignments

With role assignments, you can dynamically assign tasks to different roles on your team. This is useful for larger teams where different people might complete a task depending on their role or if you want to dynamically invite external users to complete a specific task: Note: Role Assignments are a […]

Email Widget Troubleshooting

The Email Widget allows us to pre-populate emails into a template that can be sent from within an active checklist. If your ‘send email’ widget isn’t working properly, you’ll want to double check that you are not facing one of these issues. Your default mail client is set incorrectly Mail […]

List of Global Variables

Variables are an easy way of displaying ‘variable’ information that is unique to each checklist of a template. Every template has a default set of variables called global variables, along with variables that represent any form fields you have added to that specific template. Global variables are automatically generated when a template […]

How to upgrade your plan

If you decide you’d like to upgrade your Process Street plan, you can follow these simple steps to do so. You’ll want to navigate to your billing page here, and click on ‘Choose Plan’. You’ll then select which plan you want to upgrade to. From here, you can select Monthly […]

What is a Template?

Process Street’s core functionality is the ability to create templates and run checklists off those templates. A template is a set of instructions that lay out exactly how a process should be completed and contain static content and dynamic fields. For example, an Employee Onboarding template would contain the information […]

How to Resend an Invitation

Sometimes people do not accept your invitation to join your Process Street organization, they perhaps didn’t receive the email or just archived it by accident. Well, the good news is you can very easily send another invitation email. Firstly, just click on your Organization name in the top right. Then […]

Update to Template Variables

We have recently made some updates to our variables feature. Default values You can now make a variable have a default value. So instead of “Hey {{form.First_Name}},” You could use “Hey {{form.First_Name | default:’there’}},” This would insert “there” as a default value if there is nothing typed into the “First_Name” […]

How Do I Update Credit Card

To change or add a credit card in your organization, you can just click on your organization name in the top right of your screen. Then click on billing and scroll down to add or change your credit/debit card details. Alternatively, you can just click on this link to be […]

Do you have a Webinar?

Yes, we have a webinar that runs once per month. You can join us for a deeper look at what Process Street is and how to use it to effectively record, replicate, and replace your workflow! Click here to register for the next webinar. Some of the topics we cover […]