Viewing Archived Templates and Checklists

Archiving templates and checklists is a great way to file away the items you do not regularly use and keep your dashboards clear. Archives can be viewed at any time (making them more flexible than deleting), but your regular view remains uncluttered. Users: To archive a template you must be […]

Managing Guests

Guests are a great way to bring outside people (such as clients, customers, VA’s or freelancers) into work on a single checklist, or tasks. They will be part of your Process Street organization, but they are free users with very limited access. Guests can only see and interact with checklists they are […]

How to Add Someone with Limited Access?

On occasion you may want to grant someone access to your templates or checklists, but with limited access, so that they can only see what you want them to see and nothing else. You can add someone with limited access to your organization by inviting them either as a guest […]

Change Organization Domain

If you are using your Google credentials or SSO to login to Process Street, and you change your company domain, you will need to also change your domain in your Process Street account. Process Street checks the primary domain attached to your account, to detect whether additional users should be added […]

How Do I Change My Billing Email?

There may be a need for you to change the email address that your payment receipts or invoices are sent to, for your Process Street subscription. This can be done from the billing page in your organization manager area. Users: In order to access the billing page, you must be […]

What Are Groups?

Groups allow you to combine a number of users together inside your Process Street organization. This allows you to add a group of people to a template, folder, or checklist with a single click and also manage the permissions of multiple users at once. You can also assign a group to a […]

Managing Members in Your Organization

You can view and manage the permission levels of users in your organization using your organization manager area. This allows you to grant different levels of access to users for your organization’s folders, templates, checklists and tasks. You can grant users one of three different user level types: Admins, Members or […]

Add Members to Your Organization

You can add users (Members, Guests or other Admins) to your organization to allow them access to your processes. You can further control the permissions of each member, on folders, templates or checklists so that they will only see and access what you need them to. Users: In order to add […]

Managing Your Organization

Your organization management area is where you can add members and guests, create groups, change your organization settings, set up integrations, view activity in your Process Street account, upgrade your plan and adjust your billing and payment methods. Users: In order to manage your organization, you must be an Administrator. […]