Creating & Managing Tags

Tags are a brilliant way to manage and locate your workflows and Pages, since you can filter your Library to display only those items with a specific tag (regardless of what folders they may be housed in). For example, you could have all of your workflows  and Pages organized into folders such […]

How to Use Comments

Comments are a great way to communicate with the rest of your team when working through tasks on workflow runs. You can @mention a user to send them an instant email notification, format your comments with markdown text, and attach files to your comments. Better still, you can use integrations to […]

Viewing Archived Workflows and Workflow Runs

Archiving workflows and workflow runs is a great way to file away the items you do not regularly use and keep your dashboards clear. Archives can be viewed at any time (making them more flexible than deleting), but your regular view remains uncluttered. Users: To view archived workflows or workflow […]

Managing Workflow User Permissions

User permissions can be managed on a workflow-by-workflow basis which allows you to have full control of who can see, access, and/or edit each of your workflows. For example, if you’d like to share a workflow with a certain user or group, you can do that, or if you’d like to […]

Managing Workflow Run User Permissions

Setting and managing permissions on workflow runs in Process Street is simple. When you want to give an individual user or a group responsibility for a whole workflow run and not just the tasks within it, you can assign them to your workflow runs. With a couple of clicks you can assign members, […]

Managing Folder User Permissions

You can set permissions for individual users or groups on your folders. This allows you to grant custom levels of access, or restrict access to your folders and also any workflows contained within them. Your workflows inherit the permissions you set on folders, which makes controlling permissions much simpler. For example, you might […]

Integration Links

You can create custom integration links to other apps using variables (a piece of information from a workflow or a workflow run that’s automatically pushed into another location). This lets you use the information from a workflow or workflow run in custom searches, such as email look-ups and Google searches. […]

How To Delete Workflows

Perhaps you downloaded a premade workflow template that you decided not to use, or you have too many versions of a workflow and you want to remove the old ones that you’re no longer using. You can remove a workflow from your account by either archiving it or deleting it. Even […]

How To Archive Workflow Runs

Archiving workflow runs lets you file away your work without permanently deleting your workflow runs. This is great if you started a workflow run but circumstances have changed and you no longer need to complete it, or if you created lots of test workflow runs and now you need to […]