Is This Feature Available?

Since Process Street is used by a large number of teams, individuals will always want to know if we have certain features that can make their experience better. An overwhelming amount of these inquiries are related to features that are coming out in the near future. If you have an […]

Deleting Content or Form Fields

If you have a premade template or a template that you built from scratch, there may be times when you need to change some of the content or form fields inside it. Perhaps your process has changed over time or one part of your process is no longer necessary, and […]

How Do I Delete Templates?

Perhaps you downloaded a premade template that you decided not to use, or you have too many versions of a template and you want to remove the old ones that you’re no longer using. You can remove a template from your account by either archiving it or deleting it. Even if […]

Comment Attachments

You can upload attachments into checklists in the comments section of each task. This allows you to communicate with other users in your organization, and share files and documents with ease. You can set up automations to notify you when attachments have been made in checklist comments, and also have those files […]

How Do I Filter What Templates I See?

Aside from using folders to organize your templates, there are two ways you can filter the templates you see on your template dashboard. This makes it easy to find a template from your dashboard, instead of having to search through your folders. You can either add tags to your templates […]

Copying Template URLs

You may want to share your template with colleagues or clients, or be able to access it from another template or checklist. There are a number of ways that copying your template’s URL allows you to do this. You can: Send it to a teammate on Slack, Teams or by […]

How Do I Subscribe to Templates or Checklists?

If you find yourself wanting to know every detail about what’s happening with a particular process, you can subscribe to templates and checklists. This means that you will receive extra email notifications for every update or activity that happens on that process. This is useful when You have time sensitive checklists and […]

Managing Group Permissions

You can assign groups of users to templates and folders instead of adding users one by one. This allows you to set permissions just once, for all users in that group, either at the folder level or on templates. Assigning a group to a folder or template means that you […]

Moving Templates Between Folders

Keeping your templates in folders is a great way to keep organized. Start by adding a folder and then you can move any templates you wish into it. Users: In order to move templates between folders, you must be an Administrator or a Member who has been given ‘can edit’ […]