How Do I Import Documents?

While we do not have a full template import feature, you can achieve a limited import by copying a list of tasks from programs such as Excel, Google Sheets, your CRM or Microsoft Word. These will serve as the basis for your tasks and from there, you can build out […]

Creating & Managing Tags

Tags are a brilliant way to manage and locate your templates, since you can filter your template dashboard to display only templates with a specific tag (regardless of what folders they may be housed in). For example, you could have all of your templates organized into folders such as “Marketing,” “HR” […]

How Do I Make Checklists?

To run a checklist, you must first create a template, choose a premade template to import into your organization, or select a template you’ve already set up. A template is the master version of your process, while a checklist is a single instance of that same process in which you actually implement the work and check off tasks. All checklists […]

Why Was I Charged for X Number of Users?

We use the number of members and admins you have in your account, to calculate the amount we charge your organization, either on a monthly or annual basis. For example, if you had 4 users in your organization when you converted from a trial account to the basic plan, we would […]

How Do I Copy Checklists?

First off, it’s important to remember that templates are the blueprints of your processes whilst checklists are single-run instances of them, which can be ticked off and filled in as you go along. As such, you cannot copy a checklist, but you can instead run a new one from the […]

How to Use Comments

Comments are a great way to communicate with the rest of your team when working on checklists. You can @mention a user to send them a direct email alert, format your comments with markdown text, and attach files to your comments. Users: All users can add comments and upload files to […]

Demo Video

Workflow Software Demo – Process Street  Workflow Automation Software by Process Street Webinars Join us for a deeper look into what Process Street is and how to use it to effectively record, replicate, and replace your workflows. Register Here for our Monthly Webinar! You can also view all of our […]

How Much Does Process Street Cost?

To check out the price of our paid plans and a list of the features available on each one, please visit our pricing page. Switch between monthly and yearly subscriptions to see the difference in prices per user.   Learn The 5 Stages of Process Building in our Getting Started […]

Running Multiple Checklists

You can run multiple checklists at once by uploading data from a CSV file into Process Street. This allows you to run checklists from a given template, assign them to various groups of people and set the checklist due dates, all at once. Example use cases Assigning customer onboarding checklists […]