Why Was I Charged for X Number of Users?

We use the number of admins and full members you have in your account, to calculate the amount we might charge your organization, either on a monthly or annual basis. For example, if you had 1 admin and 4 full members in your organization (5 users total) when you converted from a […]

How Can I Duplicate or Copy Workflows?

You can duplicate or make a copy of a workflow in the same organization, or if you are part of more than one organization you can copy it and move it to another organization. This is useful when: You want to use the same workflow for different teams in different […]

How To Subscribe to Workflows or Workflow Runs

If you find yourself wanting to know every detail about what’s happening with a particular process, you can subscribe to workflows and workflow runs. This means that you will receive extra email notifications for every update or activity that happens during that process. This is useful when You have time-sensitive workflow runs […]

Managing Users in Your Organization

You can view and manage the permission levels of users in your organization from your organization manager area. This allows you to grant different levels of access to users for your organization’s folders, workflows, workflow runs, tasks and Pages. You can grant users one of four different user level types, depending on […]

How To Use the Text Widget

The text widget lets you add a body of text to your workflows which appears each time your run your workflow. This allows you to share instructional and informative data in your processes. You can add instructions on how a certain part of your process needs to be completed, set critical […]

Naming Workflow Runs

Setting up a naming convention for your workflow runs is an important way to manage your processes for later reference, creating reports, and keeping your and your team’s work organized. A workflow run’s name will be different from the name of its parent workflow and will typically be unique each […]

How To Use the File Widget

The file widget allows you to upload files to your workflows for anyone to access and download, either from your workflow or from workflow runs. The same file will be available for users to download each time you run your workflow. For example, you could upload a copy of your […]

How Do I Make Workflow Runs?

To create workflow runs, you first need to start with a workflow. You can create a workflow from scratch or choose a premade workflow template to import into your organization, either to edit or start running. If you already have a workflow (or more than one) in your account, you can click […]

How to Format Your Comments with Markdown

You can format the comments you make on tasks in workflow runs by using Markdown. You might not know it by name, but if you’ve formatted text in Slack, Trello or iA Writer before, then you’ve used it. Markdown lets you create rich text using a plain text editor. It allows […]

Managing Your Organization

Your organization management area is where you can invite members and guests, create groups, change your organization settings, set up integrations, view activity in your Process Street account, upgrade your plan and adjust your billing and payment methods. Users: In order to manage your organization, you must be an Administrator. […]