Workflow Templates to Help You Get Started

Workflow templates are a great way to get started with Process Street. These are templates for workflows that have been fully fleshed out and are ready to use; from employee onboarding to office cleaning. All you need to do is assign tasks and task due dates and you’re ready to […]

Using Email Notifications in Process Street

Email notifications make it easy to keep track of the important events in the workflow and workflow runs that matter to you. There are several ways an email notification will be triggered.  Default email notifications Process Street will send you the following email alerts by default: Task notifications When […]

Scheduled Workflow Runs

Process Street‘s scheduling tool allows you to schedule workflows to run automatically for you, to guide and track upcoming, one-off or recurring events. For example, an employee onboarding process could be scheduled to run on the date you’re onboarding your next new employee, whilst an office cleaning process could be set to run every […]


Here are some examples of Investing workflows that you can import into your organization. You can also search for more ready-made workflows in our premade workflow template library. Business Partnership Due-Diligence Workflow Purchase of a Business Workflow Stock Purchase Due Diligence Workflow Warren Buffet’s Investment Workflow When to Sell Stocks Workflow […]


Here is a simple example of a travel workflow. You can also search for more ready-made workflows in our premade workflow template library. Travel Workflow Learn The 5 Stages of Process Building in our Getting Started Guide Watch helpful videos and webinars on our YouTube channel Get inspired by our Blog

How Do I Filter What Workflows I See?

Aside from using folders to organize your workflows, there are two ways you can filter the workflows you see in your Library. This makes it easy to find workflows instead of having to search through your folders. You can either add tags to your workflows or use the search box to […]

Is This Feature Available?

Since Process Street is used by a large number of teams, individuals will always want to know if we have certain features that can make their experience better. An overwhelming amount of these inquiries are related to features that are coming out in the near future. If you have an […]