Content Lock Your Checklists

Content locking your public checklists lets you embed them on your own site, but capture emails before they can be used.

This can significantly improve your conversion rates (we have seen up to 18%), but remember, the power of the content lock should only be used for good!

How to content lock a checklist

To content lock a public checklist you first need to make sure that it is public.

Once that’s done, open up the public template‘s menu by clicking the cog next to its name in your dashboard. Next, click the “More” button…


… and then on “Share this template”.


Now click the “Manage lead capture” button at the bottom of the popup.


Finally, to activate content lock, tick the checkbox at the bottom of the lead capture window, then click “Update”.


Visitors will only be shown the content lock once, once it is unlocked they will never see it again.

Content lock example

Here’s an example of a page with a content lock checklist:

Viraltag Content Lock Example

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