Copying Template URLs

You may want to share your template with colleagues or clients, or be able to access it from another template or checklist.

There are a number of ways that copying your template’s URL allows you to do this. You can:

  • Send it to a teammate on Slack, Teams or by email
  • Hyperlink to it from another template
  • Embed it into a template so that you can view it in your checklists

Users: In order to share or edit templates, you must be an Administrator or a Member who has been given ‘can edit’ permission by your Administrator.

Share your template URL

First make sure that the person you are going to send your template URL to has permission to view your template.

Head to your template dashboard and search for the template you want to share. Click on the template name to open it, and then copy the URL from your browser, as shown below.

Now you can send this to anyone you like via whichever method or tool you choose.

Linking templates together

You can also link templates together by using the URL of one template, in another.

Start by clicking your template’s name and then click “Edit template” from the right-hand menu.

Select a task, then drag over a text field from the content menu on the right of your editing screen. You can also hyperlink to any text you already have in your template, as shown below.

Highlight the words where you will add the link. Click the link icon in the bar above your text field, and paste in the URL for your other template.

Choose your “target” to open in a new window (optional) and click OK to finish.

Remember that a user will need permission to access or view the linked template.

Embed your template

Embedding your template allows users to see a small version of one template, from within another template.

Start by editing the template you would like to add your embed to.

Drag an embed field into the center of your screen from the content menu on the right-hand side.

Paste the URL for the template into the URL field, and the template will load in a window in the center of your view. Save changes to the template to finish.


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