Copying Template URLs

You can copy a template‘s URL to share it with your team or paste inside another template to link the two together.

How to copy a template’s URL

Find the template you want to share or link to in your dashboard and click its name to open it.

Now copy the URL from your browser.

You can send this link directly to someone else, but to access it they must be a user in your organization and have permission to access the template.

Linking templates together

To use this URL in another template you need to open that template (as shown above) and then click “Edit this template” from the right-hand menu.

Select a task, then click the “Insert/edit link” button in a text widget. If needed, create a text widget by clicking the “T” in the right-hand menu.

Paste the URL into the “URL” field, type the text you want to display for it, then click “OK”.

Remember that a user will need permission to access the linked template for this to work.

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