How Do I Filter What Templates I See?

Aside from using folders to organize your templates, there are two ways you can filter the templates you see on your template dashboard.

This makes it easy to find a template from your dashboard, instead of having to search through your folders.

You can either add tags to your templates or use the search box to filter your templates.

Users: In order to create tags, you must be an Administrator or a Member who has been given ‘can edit’ access by your Administrator.

Using tags to filter templates

Tagging templates is a great way to group processes, as it allows you to view all templates with that tag using a single click from your template dashboard.

Tagging a template

Click the three dots next to your template’s name to open up the right-hand menu.

Select “More options” and scroll down to the “Tags” field. Start typing the name of tag you want to apply to your template in the box provided. If the tag already exists then a dropdown will appear, letting you click on the existing entry to add it to your template.

If the tag does not already exist in your organization, then type out the full tag name and hit “Enter” on your keyboard, to add it to the template and your template dashboard.

Refresh your home screen to see the updated count of templates that have that tag in the left side of your template dashboard.

Filtering by tag

Once you’ve tagged your templates you can filter your view to only show templates with a particular tag. To do this, simply click the tag you want to limit your view to in the left-hand side of your template dashboard, as shown below.

Using search to filter templates

You can also use the search box in the left-hand side of your template dashboard to view templates names that contain your search word.

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