JotForm + Process Street Integration

jotform process street integration

You can integrate JotForm with Process Street checklists using Zapier.

This allows you to have checklists automatically generated when you receive a new JotForm submission. By setting up this particular integration, it will save you from having to manually transfer critical data, in addition to having to launch new Process Street checklists yourself.

Use case:

  • An MSP IT support team uses JotForm, so clients with technical issues can supply them with the right information
  • The IT support team also uses Process Street checklists to undergo the support process efficiently and effectively
  • The team want JotForm submissions to automatically launch Process Street checklists, with all the necessary information already transferred

Process overview:

  • We will create a Zap in Zapier
  • We will create a trigger for the Zap each time a form submission comes in from JotForm
  • We will create an action for the Zap to create a new checklist in Process Street

Let’s get started.

Creating a Zap in Zapier

Zapier is a tool which connects over 1,000 apps together, helping you to automate your processes and workflows with “Zaps”.

A “Zap” is the fully-built automation that will run in the background and carry out your recurring tasks for you.

After making an account or signing into Zapier, hit the “Make a Zap!” button.

Setting JotForm as the trigger

The middle search bar is what’s used to find the trigger and action apps.

For this use case, type in and select JotForm as the trigger app.

2. Choose the JotForm trigger

Now it’s time to choose what in JotForm triggers the Zap.

Choose “New Submission”.

3. Allow Zapier access to JotForm

Zapier needs access to your JotForm account.

To provide Zapier with access, click the “Connect an Account” button. You will then be presented with a popup, seen in the screenshot below.

Select the appropriate answers regarding HIPAA compliance and the datacenter.

You will then be taken to a new screen which tells you what JotForm will gain access to. Click “Allow”.

Once Zapier has access to JotForm, your screen should look similar to the screenshot below.

4. Choose the JotForm template

For this use case, I have used the free JotForm template “IT Service Request Form-2”. I have also added a dropdown field to the template titled “Operating System”, with three options to choose from: Windows 10, macOS, and Linux Ubuntu.

By adding the extra “Operating System” field, more integral data can be pushed from the JotForm form through to the Process Street checklist. (You, too, can add or remove certain aspects from both the JotForm template and the Process Street checklist template to suit your own requirements.)

Add the “IT Service Request Form-2” template to your JotForm account and include an “Operating System” dropdown field with answers. Then, submit a test form submission, so that Zapier has access to necessary data in step 5.

5. Pull sample data through in Zapier

The next step is to pull sample data through. For this to work correctly, you must have already submitted a test JotForm form.

Once pulled through, the sample will be titled “Submission A”.

Setting Process Street as the action

Using the middle search bar, type in and find Process Street.

Then, select it as the action app.

2. Choose the Process Street action

For this use case, the correct action is “Create Checklist”.

3. Allow Zapier access to Process Street

If you haven’t given Zapier access to Process Street before, do so now.

To connect Zapier with Process Street, you need to add the API key. The API key can be found by clicking on your organization’s name in the top right-hand corner of the Process Street app, then clicking on the “Settings & API” tab.

Once Zapier has been given access, your screen should look similar to the screenshot below.

4. Push the data to Process Street via Zapier

The next step is to push JotForm data through to Process Street via Zapier.

You will need the “IT Support Process” template added to your account for this to happen.

Add the template to your account either by clicking the above hyperlink or pressing “edit checklist” on the embed below.

Go back to the Zapier.

Under the Template field, select “IT Support Process” from the dropdown. If you can’t see “IT Support Process”, press “Check Process Street & reload to bring in new choices”.

For the Checklist Name field, choose “Fields Full Name” and “Fields Company”, and add a manually written “at” between them. This will help you to see who has submitted the form, and which company they belong to.

For the Add Comments/Attachments to Task field, select “Record details of the support request”.

In the Comments field, manually write “Additional comments added by” and then add “Fields Full Name” via the dropdown. Underneath, add “Fields Comments and Questions”. This pushes any extra comments from the submitter to the checklist task’s comment section and also provides context.

For the “First name of the person…” field, you’ll want to select “Fields Full Name” from the dropdown.

As for the “Email of person filing support request”, choose “Fields E Mail”.

Under the “Date of support request” field, choose “Created At”.

For the last field we’ll be pushing data to in this use case – the “Describe problem as it was reported” field – I’ve manually written “Operating System:” and “Reported Issue:”, then added “Fields Operating System” and “Fields Problem”, underneath their respective headers.

5. Send a test to Process Street

To ensure the checklist has been set up correctly, send a test checklist to Process Street via Zapier.

Once it’s been sent, a green banner will appear telling you the test was successfully sent.

6. Look for the test checklist in Process Street

Find the test checklist in the dashboard of the Process Street app.

By clicking on the checklist, then clicking “show more” on the left-hand side, and then navigating to the “Record details of the support request” task – task 4 – you should see the pushed-through data.

7. Name your Zap and ensure it’s live

Success! The Zap has now been built.

Remember, you can add, remove, or change form fields and data points in either the JotForm template or the Process Street template, so you can push through the exact data you need.

Before wrapping up, make sure to name the Zap. I’ve titled it “JotForm + PS: Technical Issue Submissions”. However, you can name yours whatever you wish.

Additionally, ensure the Zap is live. To do this, ensure the slider has been switched to “On”.

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