Moving Workflows Between Folders

Keeping your workflows in folders is a great way to keep them organized.

Start by creating a folder and then you can move any workflows you wish into it.

Users: In order to move workflows between folders, you must be an Administrator or a Full Member who has been given ‘edit’ permission by your Administrator.

To move a workflow into a different folder you first need to locate it in your organization’s Library or in your Private Library.

Click the three dots next to your workflow’s name (or click its name) and then click “More options” in the right-hand menu, as shown below.

Click “Move” and finally, choose the folder (or sub-folder) you want to move your workflow to by clicking on it.

If you are part of more than one organization (and are an admin in both) you can also copy a workflow from one organization to the other. This effectively makes a copy of that workflow in your other organization, it does not “move” the original workflow.


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