Why Was I Charged for X Number of Users?

We use the number of admins and full members you have in your account, to calculate the amount we might charge your organization, either on a monthly or annual basis.

For example, if you had 1 admin and 4 full members in your organization (5 users total) when you converted from a trial account to the Pro plan, we would charge you $150 per month for your first monthly invoice, or $1,500 if you subscribed to an annual plan.

You can find the difference between monthly and annual pricing for users on our pricing page.

Pro-rata billing

On the Pro plan, if you already have 5 full members in your team and you add another admin or full member, you will be billed pro-rata at the point you added that user to your account.

You are billed at the point you add that user, for the remainder of the time on your current invoice. Say your monthly payment is due in 10 days, we will charge for those 10 days and not the full month.

We also do per-minute billing, so if you add a full member for 2 days then demote them to a free member or guest or remove them from your account, we will give you a credit for the other 28 days on your next monthly invoice, or the number of remaining days on your annual invoice.

All billing is “per organization” not “per user”. Users could be part of more than one organization, in which case they would be paid for based on the pricing plan of each organization. For example, one organization could be subscribed to our Pro monthly plan and the other to Enterprise annual, which means that the cost for that same person would be different for each organization they are part of.

If you have any queries about billing, please contact our Process Pros team or your account manager.

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