Recover or Restore Deleted Checklists and Templates

There may be times when you need to reactivate or restore templates or checklists that you had previously deleted.

There are two ways that you can do this, either from your organization’s activity feed (to restore templates or checklists) or from a template menu (to restore checklists).

Users: In order to recover deleted templates and checklists, you must be an Administrator.

Restore templates or checklists from the activity tab

To recover deleted checklists and templates, navigate to your organization activity feed.

Click your profile picture in the upper right corner of your screen, then click “Settings” then select the “Activity” tab.

Use the drop-down button shown above, to select either deleted templates or checklists.

There is no limit to the activity logs, so all activity since you began your account will be recorded here.

Once you have chosen deleted templates or checklists, click on “Restore” next to the checklist or template you wish to retrieve.

Your template or checklist will re-appear in either your template dashboard or your checklist dashboard.

Note: If you delete a template that has associated checklists, all checklists will be restored once that template has been restored.

Restore checklists from a template menu

To restore a checklist from a template’s menu, click on the three dots next to the template’s name to open up the template menu.

Click “View activity” then look for your deleted checklist. Click “Restore” to add it back into your checklist dashboard.

Instead of deleting templates or checklists, you may want to archive them instead.


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