Wufoo + Process Street Integration

You can integrate Wufoo with Process Street checklists using Zapier.

Wufoo collects information that can be fed straight into a Process Street checklist, allowing you to automate the process of receiving feedback after a new product launch without chasing up customers or wasting time hopping between platforms.

Just send out the Wufoo form with this integration set up and you’ll have all of the feedback from your new product launch right there in your Process Street checklist.

Use case:

  • A SaaS company is launching a new product.
  • They are using a new product launch checklist.
  • They want to receive feedback from their customers about the new product.
  • They use Wufoo to send out a survey.

Process overview:

  • We will set up a new Zap in Zapier.
  • We will set up the trigger to be a new entry in a Wufoo form.
  • We will set up the action to be an update to a Process Street checklist.

Let’s get started!

Preparing a Process Street checklist

You can either create a new checklist, or use an existing one, like this product launch checklist.

Either way, the important thing for this integration is that there are tasks that Wufoo can fill in with the information from your customers about the new product.

We’ll need to use Process Street’s form fields so that Zapier will have a place to store the data when it pulls information from the Wufoo form when the integration is triggered.

You can quickly add form fields in Process Street by dragging and dropping them from the widget side-bar, like so:

In this case, you’ll want a few basic fields to catch some basic data from the new product launch feedback survey.

You can call them whatever you want, just be sure they’re clearly labelled.

For example:

  • “Customer first name” (Short Text)
  • “Customer second name” (Short Text)
  • “Customer email” (Email)
  • “Date of feedback” (Date)
  • “Customer phone number” (Short Text)
  • “Positive feedback” (Long Text)
  • “Negative feedback” (Long Text)
  • “Additional comments” (Long Text)

Remember to keep form field names short and unambiguous; imagine you’ll be sharing the results with your team. You want everyone to be able to understand the information on display clearly and simply.

Once that’s done, you’re ready to connect the template to Zapier and start automating.

Make a Zap to update a Process Street checklist based on input to a Wufoo form

Zapier is a tool for integrating 1,000+ different apps. Basically, it allows all of your everyday business apps to talk to one another, and it’s quick and easy to set up.

You can make pretty much anything you would normally do in one app a trigger that causes another action to happen in a different (or even the same!) app.

The whole recipe (trigger + action) is called a Zap. Zapier integrates with both Wufoo and Process Street.

The first step is to log into Zapier or create an account, then click ‘Make a zap!’

Adding Wufoo as the trigger

In your new zap, select Wufoo as the trigger and choose New Entry:


Connect your Wufoo account, and proceed to Set Up Options. From the dropdown menus, choose the Wufoo Inbox you wish to use.

That should look something like this:

Next, hit “Save + Continue” and select the form you’d like to watch for new entries.

For this example, I’ve selected one of Wufoo’s templates; the “Market Research – Product” template.

Next you need to send a sample to Zapier so it can test to see if this part of the Zap is working.

Just grab a share link for one of the templates you added to your Wufoo profile, and input some test data:

Don’t forget to hit “Submit” at the bottom of the page:

Back in Zapier, you should see something like this, if everything worked:

That’s it for the trigger. Now we can add the action.

Adding Process Street as the action

Click “Add a Step” and choose Process Street as the app:

.gif 06

Then select “Update Checklist” as the action:


Link your Process Street account and set up the Process Street checklist.

At this point, select the template you prepared earlier and choose what information to send from Wufoo into the checklist:


I’ve selected the product launch checklist.

The information you’ll be able to set in this section will depend on how many fields you’ve set up in Wufoo.

Set up a search step to make it easy to update checklists

To make your life easier, set up a search step that keeps track of the checklist’s ID so you can easily update checklists with new information.

Click on “Add a Search Step”:


When adding the search step, it’s much the same as adding the information about the template update action.

Simply choose the template you wish to target, and you’ll see that the Zap will pull in all of the form fields and information from that checklist.

This is different to the action step as it allows you to see live checklists with all of the input information, as opposed to just the blank template.

Here’s what it looks like:


Fill in as much detail as you like, and click “Continue”.

You should see something like this:


Click “Fetch & Continue” and let Zapier do its work.

Bear in mind that for this to work, you’ll have to have ran the checklist at some point, for Zapier to find something.

If it works you’ll see this:


We’re all done with the search step. Now, it’s time to test the Zap.

Testing and activating the Zap

Back to the action:


Click “Continue” and on the next page, hit the “Send Test to Process Street” button at the bottom to receive confirmation that the Zap is working:


Which should look like this, if you did everything correctly:


Now you can hit “Finish”.

All that’s left is to be sure you give a name to the Zap, and turn it from “OFF” to “ON”.


Congratulations, you now have a working integration between Wufoo and Process Street.

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