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Last year, I was absolutely terrible with productivity.

My task manager — if I bothered looking at it — had about 50 incomplete items every day, and it was really dragging me down.

When you read articles about productivity, you can easily be fooled into thinking you need to be a hyper-efficient machine.

Task Management

Here’s something that’ll calm you down:

You’re a human, and you’re not always going to have your best days, weeks, or months.

There will be times when you don’t feel like you can get anything big done, and end up wasting a bit of time.

That’s nothing to worry about. Especially when you’ve got a solid system in place to manage your tasks already.

And that’s exactly what this book’s for: getting a system in place.

It’s a collection of everything I’ve learned in my journey from being a total mess to someone who has a firm grip on their tasks.


It includes:

  • Proven task management methods
  • Recommended productivity apps
  • How to figure out the most important task you need to do right now
  • Building and maintaining useful and actionable to-do lists

So if you’re serious about not getting buried under a mountain of tasks you imagine you’ll ‘do later’, get this free ebook:

What’s in the ebook?

Still not convinced?

Look at it this way…

There are two types of people in the world: those who have exceptionally high output, and those who are always behind.

The major difference isn’t some kind of natural ability to get stuff done, and everyone has the same amount of hours in their day.

What separates the people who can relax at the end of the day from those who need to work overtime to even meet their deadlines?

Task management.

That’s all.

Knowing what you have to do, and when you should do it is 80% of the battle.

It’s a state of mind (and a physical list of tasks) — something you need to learn if you’re going:

  • Reduce stress in your life
  • Get more done
  • Stop missing deadlines.


Get the ebook here


How to-do lists help you get more done

While there’s debate about whether Peter Drucker’s quote on not being able to manage what you can’t measure is true for business in general, it’s definitely true for productivity.


If the only task list is in your head, you’re bound for failure. No human can measure and catalog tasks as well as a computer or piece of paper, and having a to-do list in your head only creates problems when it comes to freeing up space for creative thinking.

A to-do list is a deceptively simple thing, though. Technically, it is a list of tasks, but a plain old list of tasks won’t cut it as soon as you come under pressure and need to prioritize work.

What, you don’t prioritize your tasks?

I used to roll my eyes at my dad when he told me to ‘get my priorities right’. Turns out, he was right.

All tasks are not created equal, and treating them with the same importance could mean you’re accidentally putting time towards progressing with useless work, when you could be doing work that matters.

In the ebook, I explain 4 distinct methods of prioritizing your tasks — choose one that works for you. I personally like the ABCDE method, but you might prefer one of the variations.

All these different methods and apps might seem like getting into task management is hard at first, but it’s not. In reality, you’ve only got to choose an app (or notebook), and pick and choose your methods for capturing, structuring and prioritizing work.

…And guess what! At Process Street, we couldn’t resist making a process for you, too!

Have your most productive week with this system

The last chapter of the book is perfect for anyone looking for a full and watertight task management system they can either customize (because systems aren’t always perfect) or use as is.

In it, I run through a weekly review you can to do to tie up any loose ends, re-prioritize your work, and make sure you hit the ground running on Monday morning.

Because there’s nothing more demotivating than dreading whatever unknown work might come your way at the start of a fresh week…


Download the ebook for free

The road to better task management starts here. Free yourself from putting out fires, being unprepared, and unintentionally working on the wrong things at the wrong time.

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