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You know how important documented processes are already.

They allow you to repeat successes, avoid recurring failures, and all but eliminate human error from your client’s operations.

Unfortunately, doing this with software like Office 365 is like eating soup with a fork – it’s possible, but far messier and more difficult than it needs to be.

Process Street has been built from scratch with the sole purpose of letting you easily and effectively document, manage, and track your processes, and so it doesn’t suffer from the same problems as the traditional software solutions like Microsoft Word.

With this free guide, you can become a true power user and effectively manage your processes, and even earn extra money by referring your clients.

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Consultant's Guide
As a consultant, your first priority is helping your clients.

Whether you do that by improving their processes, technology, or infrastructure, the end goal should always be greater efficiency for you and them alike.

That’s why this ebook will take you through everything you need to know about Process Street – the best way to document, manage, and track your clients’ processes.

Whether you’re documenting your clients’ business processes, updating their toolkit, or generally improving company tools and practices, Process Street is the easiest way to document and manage clients’ workflows.

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What’s in the e-book?

Still not convinced?

Whether you’re a general, technical, software, or process consultant, you know how important it is to document and manage your processes correctly.

Unfortunately, traditional solutions to this like Office 365 (Microsoft Word and Excel) all have fatal flaws in their usability and storage for workflows, processes, and procedures.

Nobody wants to print or save a new copy of a Word document to track every task they carry out, and it’s next to impossible to make sure everyone’s using the most recent version of a process when physical copies are involved. When that happens, shortcuts are taken or your processes are ignored entirely, which defeats the point of having them at all.

That’s why we created Process Street.

With Process Street you can easily document, track, assign, collaborate on, create reports of, revise, update, and all-around manage your client’s processes in one location, without having to print out a library of documents just to stay up to date.

Not only that, but unlike Office 365, Process Street is specifically designed to let you easily create and monitor your processes. This means that you can easily insert images, videos, files, and rich text to create detailed and actionable processes.

You don’t have to be a software wizard to use it either – all you need is The Consultant’s Guide to Process Street.

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Easily document your clients’ processes

First you’ll get a quick crash course on what Process Street is, what the basic features are, and how to get started with the service.

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That might sound a little intimidating, but trust me, it’s quick and easy to get started. If you’ve ever documented your processes before (or just written a quick task list) you’ll be away in no time – you’ll just need to be familiar with a few terms.

For example, you document your processes as templates and then to track your progress on a single instance you’ll run a checklist from that template. If you used to document your processes with Word, your templates are essentially your original Word documents (process guidelines) and checklists are the individual printed versions you used to track a particular instance.

Create dynamic workflows to suit every occasion

Basic documented processes are all well and good, but Process Street lets you do so much more than simple task lists with images and text.

From controlling access to checklists, templates, and folders to exporting processes for offline access, embedding templates in websites for anyone to use, and using “variable” information that syncs across your entire checklist, Process Street lets you create truly powerful processes to take the work out of your client’s workflows.

Form fields allow users to store information in their checklists as they work through them, custom links can be made which can run new checklists when clicked and push through information to save you the hassle, and the template overview tab lets you quickly see the status of all of your checklists in a customizable view.

After all, why settle for basic, clunky processes for  your clients when you can set them up to make sure that work is more consistent and effective at almost no extra effort?

Automate processes to make your life easier

One of the most common beliefs that prevents companies from documenting their processes is that they don’t have time to do it, or that there’s no value in writing it out rather than doing it.

We know that’s not true, but this belief shows the problem most have with documented processes – the time it takes to write them down, build them out, and actually run through them every time they perform the corresponding task.

So why not let a machine do the work for you?

One of the biggest advantages of Process Street over traditional documentation methods is that you can integrate your templates and checklists with hundreds of other apps to take care of the busy work your clients hate doing.

Whether you’re shifting data from a form into an onboarding checklist or automatically triggering a new meeting checklist to follow for every appointment you book, business process automation is a powerful tool that you shouldn’t be overlooking.

In fact, we have another entire ebook dedicated to the topic. To find out more, check out our free business process automation guide.

Earn extra money through our partner program

What’s better than recommending an awesome process documentation tool to a client who needs it?

Getting paid to do it, of course!

Using Process Street’s partner program you can earn extra money simply by using your unique link when referring clients.

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It’s as easy as that! No strings attached, no hidden charges.

Just grab your own custom link and earn 20% of every sale made as a result for the first year they’re signed up for.

After all, you’ve already gone to the trouble of securing and assessing your client’s needs, so we wanted to give a little extra thanks for all that hard work.

Download the ebook for free

So, what are you waiting for?

Stop pulling your hair out over silly mistakes and clients with inconsistent workflows.

Grab the free Consultant’s Guide to Process Street today and create a lasting framework for success.

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