An Expert’s System to Manage Facebook Ad Campaigns

In this episode of Business Systems Explored, we talk to Armando Biondi, CEO of AdEspresso.


If you’ve ever ran a quick Facebook campaign to test the water, you know what a shot in the dark it can be. It’s likely that your first tentative campaign will have a stupidly high CPC, and eventually do nothing…

But that’s why you shouldn’t stop just yet. Facebook’s ad revenue is over $18 billion, so they’re certainly doing something right.
And, whether you’re selling to consumers or businesses, there’s a right and a wrong way to do it.

Listen to this episode — it’s an in-depth interview with a PPC genius ready to show everything he knows about Facebook advertising.

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“Facebook is becoming the place to be for advertisers, and overtaking Google” (tweet this)

Show notes:

  • How to take advantage of Facebook’s domination over the ad market
  • The systems behind an effective Facebook advertising campaign
  • Why Facebook ads are so interesting right now
  • Facebook’s targeting system explained
  • How you should approach Facebook’s ad system vs. Google’s
  • The kinds of companies that need to use Facebook marketing
  • Using the reason people go to Facebook to inform better ads
  • Using Facebook to get on your prospect’s minds
  • The most successful Facebook ad campaigns
  • Where to direct your ad clicks
  • Lead nurturing via Facebook
  • A quick guide to Facebook retargeting, and when you should do it
  • Using Facebook’s dynamic product ads
  • Why Facebook ads put the company in a strange position
  • How to use the Facebook pixel for cart abandonment
  • Facebook advertising tools you need to try
  • Why companies fail with Facebook advertising
  • Maximizing Facebook ROI
  • The best resources for Facebook adversing
  • Building a system for testing Facebook ads
  • The dangers of poorly designed landing pages
  • The most important thing you need to do before you start Facebook advertising
  • What is a good cost-per-click?
  • Accounting for the curiosities of how Facebook works
  • The best product for building and testing your landing page for ads
  • The wrong things people test, and the highest impact tests you can run
  • Combating banner blindness
  • Working out whether Facebook is even giving you anything back
  • The way the smartest marketers run ads
  • Understanding your Facebook ad campaign reports
  • Integrating your ad data with apps
  • How to not gamble on Facebook ads

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Vinay Patankar

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Thanks Vinay, for such a great content you’ve posted above. We all know that most engaged social platform is Facebook so its advertising matters a lot for every digital marketer if we want our content a virul. Keep posting same as you did here:)

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